Happy 1st Birthday, Annika!

Annika turned 1 on July 28th! How fast one year went by. Already she’s seemingly grown up. She’s walking a little, talking a little, getting her molars and has the cutest sense of humor. And yes, she knows when she’s doing something she’s not supposed to be b/c as soon as you say “Annika…” she shakes her head no. With a sheepish little grin, of course!

We had a small, quiet little birthday party for her. Balloons and streamers of course, but just our little family and my Mom. I made her a yellow cake, frosted with cream cheese frosting as a pink petaled flower with a green center. She had no problem digging right into the cupcake! Yum! She opened her presents: a piggy bank, a bunch of Annika-size books, two new toys and some clothes.


The Birthday Girl!


Trying to escape


Unfortunately, this is the only pic I have of the cake. Dumb camera! One of these days I’ll stop  saying that, ’cause we’ll get a new one!


The birthday baby and her Mom


Mmmmmmm, good cake Mom!


Our little family


Present time!


Poor Annika didn’t get much chance to play with her toys, since brother and sister wouldn’t leave them alone! Apparently baby toys are exciting!


Checking out her new computer toy


Grammy enjoying the festivities


My piggy bank!

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  1. Kylene

    Fun updates! Thank you! Looks like you had a blast with your mom there (she looks great, BTW!). And that carnival looks like fun…esp. the udder bubbles!

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