Why we love our Annika

Annika’s personality has certainly grown in the past few months. She is animated and silly and loves to play.  Being chased is one of her favorite things to play, especially if the chaser is pretending to be a lion with big roars and growls. The other day I was sitting on the couch and she got on her hands and knees and crawled towards me, growling ferousiously and then belly-laughed right along with me when I couldn’t contain my laughs any longer. Tasha is one of her favorite people, and Annika giggles and squeals with delight when Tasha jumps out from her hiding place and scares her.

I get never-ending snuggles and hugs and when I’m putting her down for naps she grabs my hand and puts it on her head and rubs my hand back and forth so that I stroke her head. She’s always so excited to see me come home and squeezes me tightly.

Annika has started being helpful around the house even, handing me the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and beaming with pride when I say “thank you”. And if she needs more attention, she’ll tell you by pushing your laptop closed.

Her face lights up when she sees a dog or a cat, and loves to bring me books to read, especially if there are animals in it. And watch out if you put on some jammin’ music, ’cause this girl can boogie!

She is just so sweet and we love watching her grow….although we kinda wish she was stop sometimes and just stay little!


Oh, and don’t try to feed her or else she’ll give you what for!


This was her first time feeding herself, earlier this week. Let’s just say she had a bath after this 😉 But she loves using a spoon and a spork and thinks she’s such a big girl!


These are her first pigtails. We’ve been doing the one small pigtail thing for a while, but it’s just barely long enough now for two and oh, she was so cute with two!!!


Just another pigtail shot


This was shot today and you can tell that she’s not feeling good (fever) but I still thought she looked sweet and innocent.

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