Ready for School!

Annika brought Tasha’s backpack to her the other day and made it pretty clear that she wanted to wear the bag.


She strolled around the house like she was pretty important…All ready for kindergarten!


The other day, Tasha was drawing something at the coffee table and Annika was toddling around doing her thing, when out of the blue, Annika walks over to Tasha, puts her arm around her and hugs her. Then she pats Tasha on the back, continuing to give her loves! It was the sweetest thing…I was lucky enough to have them replay the moment.


I asked Annika if she loved Tasha and this is what I got. Annika calls her Ta-ta.

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!!

He’s 4! Can you believe it? He’s already counting down the days till he’s 5! I just wish I could help him understand that Tasha will always be older than him and probably always do things first. He keeps telling me his teeth are loose, because Tasha is already losing tooth #2.

Well, his party was a blast, despite the lack of friends attending… we had a grand total of 0 friends that showed up, but we did all the silly games and the cake and special food anyways! I don’t think he missed them at all =) It was a Batman theme, so the house was decked out in black and yellow. We did a balloon toss, a Mr. Freeze music game & a find the bats game. After all that we enjoyed a gourmet feast of Kevin’s choice: mac & cheese, blue jello, bugles (a.k.a. catwoman’s claws) and grape tomatoes. To finish of course, we had a batman cake and strawberry ice cream.


Tasha coloring the batmobile


Keep it in the air


Whew! All the playing wear us out!




Da-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah-BATMAN! (the old school 60’s show, not the new messed up version)


Someone was enjoying all the attention!


Wishing for lots of cake


Even the candles taste good!


Open wide!


She had wayyyyyyy too much fun eating her dinner with her hands.


Present time!


CARS, CARS & more CARS! IT’s a good thing he likes….CARS!


Robots in disguise….


Good thing balloons don’t weigh much…this one was as big as her!


After they found their goodie bags that the Riddler hid on them…they had a grand time playing with their glow sticks! Here are some of our creations:


I think they did this for about an hour


This one’s my fav!

Photo Action!

I so LOVE having a camera again! I really missed taking pictures of those little moments that you want to remember forever. So, here are some of our recent shots…with more posts and pictures to come!


Random shot of me Ammon took while I was washing the dishes…not really one of those moments I want to remember forever, but ok..


Our sweet Tasha


Our sweet and mischievious Kevin


Our cute little angel Annika


Doing a little light reading…


I LOVE it when she squats down like this to look at something…it used to be Kevin’s bug-watching pose too.


Fun at the park on a super-warm October afternoon


Ammon and his Dad went hunting a little over a week ago and I decided we needed to do some Halloween crafts to pass the time. I was inspired my much more talented (in the crafty arts) friend, Becca….They’re going to be pumpkins made of milk jugs, covered in paper mache & then painted…


Painting his pumpkin


Enjoying her crafty time….no, there’s no photo of their finished cuteness, because well…they’re not finished yet!


A rare photo of me and my sweetie…it’s a keeper!


Sunday photo with Mommy


Ammon being…well, Ammon!!!


Fascinated by the amazing Mr. Potato Head hand she found on the floor….which she probably put there!


Doing something funny

We’re baaaaacccckkkk!

It’s official! We’re proud camera owners again and will start posting as soon as time permits. Life is a little busy right now…Ammon’s been hunting, Kevin had a birthday yesterday and I’m throwing a baby shower on Saturday, so I’ll get to it when I can. We’ve already taken a bunch of pictures though and we LOVE our camera. Here it is:

camera (Sorry it’s such a small picture)