Happy Halloween Part II

So, the real halloween was upon us and we were a-flurry getting ready. The grown-ups costumes took way longer than the kids did. We spent a few hours getting ready and then headed out to our church Halloween party/chili cook-off.


Tasha trying on my wig. That’s a lot of hair for a little girl!


The whole family


Close-up of Ken and Barbie…you’re looking at the winners of the prettiest costume prize for the adult category….isn’t he pretty?!


Walking in the parade for the 0-6 year-olds


My little bumblebee


Trunk of Treating…yes, you read it right…The congregation members decorated their trunks and hand out candy that way so that the kids don’t get too cold and they know who they’re getting candy from. We still went to a few houses in the neighborhood across the street after the party though.


Bumblebee baby chillin and trying to eat some gobstoppers…no the package is not open..


The costume was a little too small, which we ¬†would have known if we’d tried it on prior to Halloween, but she was still adorable.

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  1. Kylene

    Fun costumes! I loved your super thick eyelashes and poofy Barbie hair. I also had fun looking at all of your kids dressed up. What a fun Halloween!

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