Tasha’s First School Halloween Party

Tasha was oh so very excited for her first school halloween party on Friday. She got to stay at school for the WHOLE day (instead of half day) and even got to eat in the cafeteria…grilled cheese, her favorite! The rest of the family showed up just before parade time and helped her get ready.


Whoops! Mommy forgot to bring the pink butterfly clothes..oh well…


Mr. Suiter, Tasha’s teacher, dressed as Winnie the Pooh


Annika entertaining us while we waited for the parade to be over (it was long!)


Just being her cute self


Tasha’s whole class all dressed up…Tanner is the boy with the bowl cut in the black and white costume over on the left. We weren’t all that impressed with his haircut. We expected something spectacular with how much Tasha has been raving over it, but apparently he is the nicest boy in the class. At least, according to all the girls.

After the parade, Tasha stayed for her class party, which mostly involved eating lots and lots of sugar. But hey, it’s once a year and she had a blast!

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