Christmas Lights

Ammon and I thought it would be a fun Sunday night activity to drive around and look at the Christmas lights. We saw some really beautifully-lit houses and then some crazy National Lampoon-like houses, both equally fun to look at! It was a very enjoyable 30 min. Part of the joy was hearing the kids expressions from the backseat, like:

Kevin: Holy-Smoke-ios!!! Did you see those lights? Oh my goodness!

Nothing like a new Kevin expression to put a smile on our faces!

Wedding in SLC

This past weekend Ammon and I had the privillege of flying to Salt Lake City to attend Mom’s wedding.  We had a great time and really enjoyed attending the ceremony.  There are more pictures to come, but here is a little teaser…

Cute Couple

Mom and her new husband Wayne…awesome guy!

Visit from Daddykins

My Dad came and stayed with us for a few days in November and we had a fabulous visit. Nothing planned, no big outings, just lots of good food, silliness and being together.

The kids loved having Arizona Papa here. The highlight they listed when asked were the pillow fights, but I’m sure the tickle wars, 10 books that he read to them and the hide n seek in the dark were also right up there.


Chillin with Papa


I told him to smile bigger!


Silly faces


Kevin doesn’t understand stop being silly…


Making Papa some yummy food


A tickle-pillow fight deluxe


Kevin being sweet


Daddy and Daughter


What we look like most of the time! 😉


Papa and the brats


See what I mean?


A rare shot with Ammon in it…doesn’t happen all that often.


Here are some pics from a somewhat recent little photoshoot of Annika. She loves to see the pictures of herself on the camera’s display after we’re finished. She gets a great big smile when she sees herself!


She literally went and sat down so I could take pictures


Trying to look casual


Showing her personality, or showing off…I’m not sure which!


Change of locations..too bad the sun is in the way.


Not sure what this pose is all about. Maybe it’s her karate pose..