Christmas Lights

Ammon and I thought it would be a fun Sunday night activity to drive around and look at the Christmas lights. We saw some really beautifully-lit houses and then some crazy National Lampoon-like houses, both equally fun to look at! It was a very enjoyable 30 min. Part of the joy was hearing the kids expressions from the backseat, like:

Kevin: Holy-Smoke-ios!!! Did you see those lights? Oh my goodness!

Nothing like a new Kevin expression to put a smile on our faces!


  1. Cortney

    Lookin’ good you guys. Tell your mom congratulations for me. That is awesome. Your pictures are so adorable. I forget how funny you are sometimes. I bet you are such a fun mother. Hope you all have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Much alohas!

  2. melissa welker

    What a cute little guy! I love “holy smoke-ios!” what a perfectly fun thing to do with your family! We didn’t do that this year.

    Oh, answer to your question, I have a crazy little hobby of making bows to match my girl’s outfits. It’s rediculous but I love it. And I shop at the end of each season to get matching clothes on clearance. (that is the only way that I can justify buying them) I usually don’t pay more than $2-$3 at old Navy, Target or Children’s place.

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