Memorable Moments

So, although most of this blog has been about our kids and our family goings-on, I try not to be braggy about the kids. I hope I’ve succeeded so far. Sure, I’m proud of my kids and I love them to bits and I think they’re wonderful, but I don’t want to make anyone feel sick from reading about it. This however…is not one of those posts.

Annika is ADORABLE! Like the sweetest thing since chocolate ice cream. She is our little snuggle-bug, our miniature comedienne and our little angel. She really has just the most angelic little personality, unless she’s in a car, that is…Anyways.

The other day I just had one of those, “I’m in love with my child” days…

First, I needed to take a shower and hoping to occupy her while I was in there, I put some of her toys and books in my bathroom for her to play with. She had other ideas. I come out of the shower to see her trotting back in my bathroom with a basket-full of her shoes. She proceeds to sit down and examine each one, holding it up to her foot. =)

Second, we’re going from the car to the post office in the most beautiful snowfall, with the HUGEST snowflakes. Annika hasn’t really been out in the snow when it’s been falling very much, so I told her it was snow, “look at the snow” I’m saying to her. She starred in awe at the snow, trying to grab it. When we came out I said “look at all the pretty snow, isn’t it pretty?” She responded, “Ditty No”. Now, this may not seem like a big thing to you, but it was cute the way she said it and plus, she hasn’t put two words together before!

Lastly, we got home from running our errands and all of sudden, she starts crawling around on the floor arfing and panting like a dog, stopping momentarily to eat something off the floor…like a dog! It was the best!


  1. melissa welker

    So sweet! I love those days where they just melt your heart. It totally makes up for those where they break it 🙂

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