Angel….not today!

Remember that post about how sweet and angelic Annika was the other day…well, although she’s still sweet and will always be my little angel…not so angelic today. In one day, she managed to destroy every edible thing I put in front of her, managing always to mess up the carpet we just vacuumed and soiling her newly changed clothes. She tore a page out of library book, spilled water all over the floor and couch and toys, NUMEROUS TIMES, played with a forgotten poopy diaper (from this morning) and got it all over her hands, spread about 50 card games all over the family room floor and just generally was a menace. Is she still the cutest thing ever? You betcha! But today, she needs to take a page out of Kevin’s book. He who has been mysteriously and amazingly helpful and obedient lately….

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