It’s been quite the year so far….stomach flu for three of us….an almost speeding ticket for me….and a huge wide-open gash on my baby’s sweet head. I was kind of hoping that this year would be better than last. Not that last year was terrible, but I was just hoping for a super-stellar year in 2010. Not starting out quite the way I’d hoped. But…it could be worse. Kevin and I are over the flu and it was short-lived for us. Tasha seems to be doing better today and hopefully will continue that way. I didn’t get the speeding ticket (thank you nice police lady) and Annika’s gash, while scary and looked horrifying to her Mother…was not life-threatening and should turn out to be a small, relatively unnoticeable scar. So while I’m grateful for our blessings, which are many….I have one thing to say to 2010….BE NICE!

Happy New Year!

Well, we celebrated a night early b/c we wanted the kids (and us) to sleep well on New Year’s Eve. So, on New Year’s Eve Eve, we ate pizza and fruit kebabs and watched a movie. Then we had our sparkling cider and slept in the family room….well, at least part of the night. The kids took forever to fall asleep and by the time they fell asleep, I couldn’t fall asleep. Tasha moaned and groaned all night, Kevin kept moving around and then they both wet the bed….needless to say, I ended up in my own bed. Not a great event, but I’m sure it will be memorable! No pics, sorry….

On actual New Year’s Eve, the kids went to bed normal time and Ammon and I stayed up for a bit for a 30 rock marathon and some sparkling cider.

On New Years day, we went down to Ridgway, Co…about 3.5 hours south of Eagle. For those who don’t know, we’ve long had a dream of buying some land in the mountains and building our little dream home. We’ve come to the realization that it’s not going to happen for us in Eagle and so we’ve been exploring other options online. Ridgway is about 10 min from Ouray, the sleepy little mining town, nestled in the San Juan mountains where Ammon and I spent our honeymoon. Ridgway itself is a very small town (800 people) and has lots of fun things to do outdoors and cheaper land!

The kids did great on the drive. We drove around and looked at land all weekend and found a spot we love and it’s just the right price!!! This doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing. We haven’t decided anything yet, but it’s still beautiful. The kids had a blast swimming in the indoor pool, going out to dinner, getting a toy at the old-fashioned toy shop, having homemade ice cream and just being in a hotel.


The girls chillin in the hotel


Mommy and Annika snuggles


Unfortunately, we had an overcast day on Saturday, so the pics didn’t look at pretty as it really was in person


The kids all ready to jump in the pool


Horsin’ around in the pool


Annika playing with Mommy’s glasses

Some shots of the lot we’d like to be ours:




View from down the street by “our” lot


The morning we were leaving Ridgway, it was mighty cold and the trees were all frozen. Beautiful!


The irony of this month behind post is that I’ve been looking at other friends blogs, some of whom have not posted in about a month and I find myself being disappointed. I’ve thought about posting something like, “It’s been a whole month! I’m missing your posts!!!” So, now here I find myself posting all the news and pictures from the past month at least and having a good laugh at myself!!!! =)

Our usual Christmas baking was a little later than usual this year, but I was determined we’d get it done anyways. Not because we “had” to, but because it’s a tradition I’ve had since I was a little girl with my family and it’s something we’ve continued with our own little family.  The kids always look forward to it and this year, though a little crazier, was no different. Kevin helped me with the chocolate haystack cookies and Tasha was a great helper with the gingerbread house. Both kids helped decorate the gingerbread cookies; though Kevin needed a little guidance so that his cookies stopped looking like an already eaten cookie 😉


Here’s Kevin stirring the melting chocolate, in typical Kevin style.


A little sweeter…


Even Annika got in on the action. She loved wearing Tasha’s apron. She’s our dress-up girl. (Tasha thinks Annika is her dress-up doll too…we often find Annika in baby doll clothes instead of the clothes I dressed her in that morning)


A very serious decorator


The supervisor and chief decorator


What a boy!


Cute and crazy, that’s the way we like ’em!


The masterpiece

Starting last year, we began acting out the Nativity for our family home evening night, the Monday before Christmas. Tasha and Kevin have looked forward to it all year and were very excited to have the chance to reprise their roles again. Tasha was Mary, of course, Kevin was Joseph, Mommy was supposed to be the angel, but got a phone call during her part, so Annika took over. Daddy was the narrator.


This pictures makes my heart all squishy! I LOVE the joy on their faces and Tasha’s perfect sweet, innocent expression.

Mom and Wayne came down to join us for Christmas in Littleton with the Mannings and Narayans. We had planned to leave on the 23rd, but on the afternoon of the 22nd, we heard of a big, nasty storm coming through and decided to leave asap. It was a little harried trying to get everything ready in record time. We still ran into some not fun driving conditions, adding into the equation me having hack attacks while driving and consequently having to stop and pee twice on the 2 hour drive from drinking so much water! Ammon had it worse though. The car he was driving had a windshield washer fluid problem and thus, he had a 6 inch radius to see out of. I wondered why I had some guy tailgating me the whole way down. I found out it was Ammon! We got to the Mannings safe and sound and had a wonderful, but chaotic Christmas. (It’s hard to avoid the chaotic with that many people under one roof)

On Christmas Eve day, the kids spent some quality time with their Papa making a gingerbread house.


The gang getting started


Look at all those proud faces!

Mom and I made our chocolate truffles that have taken a two or three year hiatus. We decided to resurrect the tradition.


Me and my Mommy making truffles


And making faces!

On Christmas Eve, we acted out the Nativity with all the cousins…well except Annika who was running around and Kevin who didn’t want to be a part of it. (he was so tired that he asked to go to bed!) IMG_1420

Tasha got to be Mary again, much to her delight!


Me and Pushpa enjoying the food

On Christmas Eve, we always open the sibling presents (we draw rotate families). Here are the kids, anxiously awaiting their present…


Tasha and Lika


I wish I could’ve caught Tasha’s first expression when she opened this Hannah Montana doll. She had a grin from ear to ear! She hasn’t stopped playing with it since!


Papa and Annika on Christmas Eve…couldn’t get her to smile, but she was happy before I took the picture!


She loved this bunny of Grandma’s and hugged and carried it all over the place


I wish this pic was more in focus…she was loving being thrown up in the air!

Christmas day was fun and exciting, as always. Tasha and I were up first in our family. We opened our stockings and waited for Kevin and Daddy and Annika to be awake. Everyone had a full stocking this year and enjoyed lots of fun things. We had mini-quiches, a breakfast casserole and toasted croissants and strawberry jam. YUM! I loved watching the kids see what Santa brought them and watching them open their presents. There’s nothing better!


Grandpa Wayne opening his stocking, much to his delight!


Cute pic of the newlyweds on Christmas morn


What Santa brought the big kids…I forgot to get a pic of what Santa brought Annika


Opening presents


Iron Man Kevin


Snuggles with Daddy  after he opened their present to him (different kinds of popcorn)


Annika’s present to Tasha


Enjoying her book


Annika opening one


The girls got matching dresses from Grandma and Papa Manning and Annika couldn’t wait to get hers on. She grabbed it and tried to put it over her head.


Annika opening another present from Grandma and Papa Manning


She was delighted to find a pink princess rocking horse


She climbed on before it was even out of the box. Too bad I didn’t catch the smiling on camera


Pretty Tasha-girl in her Christmas outfit


The kids made cupcakes for Jesus and sang to him, but because I didn’t get the blowing out of the candles on time, we had to keep lighting them. The kids kept blowing them out as soon as they were lit, which resulted in 5 or  6 times blowing them out! They thought it was hilarious!

The Sunday after Christmas, the girls wore their matching dresses to church. Annika was quite happy to pose for a picture with Tasha and even said “Cheeeeese”


Another keeper


Kevin had to get in on the camera action…what a ham!


Better pic than the one above? Jury’s still out…