This is a forgotten post…..

The week of Valentine’s day, I tried to do heart hairstyles almost everyday, courtesy of some awesome hair blogs….did you really think I was that creative myself?!!! 😉

Here’s one of my fav’s:


So easy and cute!

Speaking of Annika…..

So, I realize that a lot of my posts, especially with pictures are about Annika. I don’t mean for it to be that way. I’ll make sure to get some Tasha and Kevin updates in here soon.

Annika LOVES shoes…


This is her closed-eyed “cheeeeeeeeeeeessssseeee”


Here’s a normal one

I did a real ponytail on Annika for the first time the other day. I felt like she looked so much older with it that I haven’t done it since…


Front View….


Side view….

Stop growing up!!! No more!

Cute Annika Picture

This is a just a random day that I thought she looked cute. She looked cuter in real life than in the picture, probably because she tries to do this fake smile thing, but it’s still cute….


Dress-up Dolly

I think I’ve mentioned before that Annika frequently becomes Tasha’s life-size doll because dressing up a real doll is way more fun! Here are some of the latest:


Baby doll outfit #1 This is the cute baby doll that I would buy for my girls if I had a choice between this one and the next….


Baby doll outfit #2 (a.k.a. Baby belly-dancing doll…)

Lucky for Tasha, Annika is such a willing little subject……….

Happy Valentine’s Day!

While our weekend was a little up and down, we still had our fun. We went to a Family Fun Fair in town on Saturday. The kids went through a little air-filled obstacle course with a slide, petted some pigs, goats, horses and ducks and got free popcorn. Kevin LOVED the pigs! Too bad we couldn’t get any good pics with them because of all the fencing. I guess pigs really like to run out of their pens…


Tasha with the miniature horses


Getting giggles when the horse started sniffing her


2 week-old piglets! So cute!!!!!


They entered a coloring contest

After our fun morning, we had friends over for lunch and then is when things started to go downhill. Ammon started coming down with a nasty cold and I just didn’t feel great either. So, our Valentines date consisted of watching an 80’s movie called “Chances Are” and eating chicken nugget,s french bread and carrots sticks. Fancy, no? 😉

I did get spoiled though. Ammon’s not a very traditional guy and I’m well, a little traditional, so my request for V-day was roses and chocolate! He got me these:


Couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks honey!! =)

The rest of our long weekend was spent recooperating from what ailed us and trying to get the house back together afterwards.

They actually DO listen…sometimes ;)

Yesterday, the kids were playing in the basement and suddenly Ammon and I noticed it had been quiet for a while. Usually, this means that they’re up to something well, less than favorable. So, Ammon tip-toed downstairs to sneak a peek. What he found was one of those warms your heart, rewarding types of moments that you wish happened a little more often in parenthood. Tasha and Kevin were behind the couch, arms folded, heads bowed and eyes closed. Kevin was saying a prayer for the baby doll who evidently was quite sick.

A small thing though it may be, it brings me such joy to see our children living what we have taught them, especially in this confusing, crazy world.