They actually DO listen…sometimes ;)

Yesterday, the kids were playing in the basement and suddenly Ammon and I noticed it had been quiet for a while. Usually, this means that they’re up to something well, less than favorable. So, Ammon tip-toed downstairs to sneak a peek. What he found was one of those warms your heart, rewarding types of moments that you wish happened a little more often in parenthood. Tasha and Kevin were behind the couch, arms folded, heads bowed and eyes closed. Kevin was saying a prayer for the baby doll who evidently was quite sick.

A small thing though it may be, it brings me such joy to see our children living what we have taught them, especially in this confusing, crazy world.

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  1. melissa welker

    Oh that just made me get tears in my eyes! That is such a sweet story! They are lucky that they have such good parents to teach them these things!

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