Happy Valentine’s Day!

While our weekend was a little up and down, we still had our fun. We went to a Family Fun Fair in town on Saturday. The kids went through a little air-filled obstacle course with a slide, petted some pigs, goats, horses and ducks and got free popcorn. Kevin LOVED the pigs! Too bad we couldn’t get any good pics with them because of all the fencing. I guess pigs really like to run out of their pens…


Tasha with the miniature horses


Getting giggles when the horse started sniffing her


2 week-old piglets! So cute!!!!!


They entered a coloring contest

After our fun morning, we had friends over for lunch and then is when things started to go downhill. Ammon started coming down with a nasty cold and I just didn’t feel great either. So, our Valentines date consisted of watching an 80’s movie called “Chances Are” and eating chicken nugget,s french bread and carrots sticks. Fancy, no? 😉

I did get spoiled though. Ammon’s not a very traditional guy and I’m well, a little traditional, so my request for V-day was roses and chocolate! He got me these:


Couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks honey!! =)

The rest of our long weekend was spent recooperating from what ailed us and trying to get the house back together afterwards.

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