The other night I took Annika to the store to pick up a few things. Ammon called me on my cell right after we walked into the store. I had Annika by the hand and though I was on the phone thought I was keeping a good eye on her. We stopped beside the more expensive cheeses while Ammon was asking me something. Next thing I know, Annika has a block of PepperJack cheese in hand and has taken a bite, plastic and all. She would’ve kept going if I hadn’t stopped her. It was totally one of those “you had to be there” moments because the surprise and spontaneity of the moment made me have one of those gut-busting laughs right in the store and for about 5 minutes I tried to tell Ammon why I was laughing so hard, but the words just didn’t seem to make their way out. Needless to say….I bought the cheese! =) Ammon has been raving about how good it is. I’m just glad it wasn’t the Gruyere or something that costs upward of $9/lb!!!!

Here it is:


Yes…I took a picture of the cheese!

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