For our entire time in Eagle, we’ve had the privilege of knowing and loving the Thygerson family. While we haven’t had the opportunity to get together in each other’s homes as much as we’d like, they have nonetheless been great friends, supporting and helping whenever we needed it and even sometimes when we didn’t know we needed help! They have been answers to prayers not only to us but to the rest of the ward and they are moving to Grand Junction on Saturday. Lucky for us, they’ll only be an hour from Ridgway, so they’re still within visiting distance for us when we move. However, we knew that we and many others would miss seeing them at church every week and visiting with them often. A friend suggested we should throw a going-away party for them and in the end the shin-dig was at our house. If I had thought about it, I would’ve taken pictures, but the only one we have is of SOME of the kids that were here.


This is only about half the kids that were here. At one point, I think we had at least 40 people in our house. For quite a while, the kids outnumbered the grown-ups! Thank goodness for a play room. Anyways, the party was a success and I know the Thygerson’s know how much they are loved!

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