Friday Night Bikers

Since we have very little snow left here, the kids have been able to ride the new bikes that Santa brought them. They hadn’t gone anywhere on them, except up and down our sidewalk. Friday afternoon/evening, we decided to take the kids where they could ride their bikes for real. They thought it was pretty cool to ride them on the bike path. When we came home, Annika sat with me while Daddy rode his bike with the kids.


Kevin working hard to get up the hill


Daddy n the kids racing


Tasha got her bike confiscated by the bike police!


Watch out Annika, here comes the clown!!!!


Everyone had a good laugh when Kevin got himself stuck in the gutter. He pedaled like mad and his wheels spun around, but he didn’t go anywhere. Of course, after that, he kept doing it over and over again to get laughs!


My little helper


Kevin just being himself


This is what I get when I ask him to smile!

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