Crack me up!

Tasha came upstairs yesterday all dressed up in her princess dress, with her beau at her side. It was a sight to see this:


This is Eli, evidently, Tasha’s prince, who also happens to be wearing Kevin’s church clothes…Kevin wasn’t wearing anything. =)


Young love!


Our little Princess

Family Date Night….kind of

So, a friend of ours gave us this great book a month or so ago with creative date ideas. Some are for the woman to open and some for the man. It’s been really fun to surprise the other person with a fun date that we probably wouldn’t have come up with by ourselves.

This last one Ammon chose was drawn out for a few weeks…during which I got surprised with all kinds of fun things. One of my favorites was the “you pick the chore and I do it”. Saturday night topped all though…

Ammon made homemade refried beans, virgin pina coladas, cheese enchiladas and flan for us. Oh and did I mention it was by candlelight. Oh, and that he had me stop by my friends house beforehand so she could do my hair (I didn’t know about it till I got there). AND, he even picked out the outfit he wanted me to wear and he dressed up for dinner. Talk about WOW!! And if the incredible food wasn’t enough, after the kids went to bed, he turns on the t.v. and he had rented a “Learn to Salsa” dvd from netflix!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows Ammon, knows he doesn’t love to dance (and I do).

It was the perfect evening and even the kids said the dinner party was like eating out at a fancy Mexican restaurant.


Easter Kids

I realized yesterday that I skipped posting easter pictures! Whoops!

IMG_1788 (1)

Cute kid #1


Cute kids #1 & #2

IMG_1798 (1)

Cute kids #1, #2 & #3


We had friends over for lunch on Saturday. The bunny decided to visit then too. (so we could focus on the real reason for easter on Easter Sunday)


A very happy easter baby with her first chocolate bunny.


Really? I can eat this?! (not all at once, of course)


Sunday afternoon, we dyed our eggs, too bad Mommy left them out all day, so we couldn’t eat them later. (apparently it’s not safe to eat them anyways…didn’t know that!)


Someone likes anything crafty….I’ll give you two guesses!


Annika looked so pretty, but we couldn’t get a picture without her tongue hanging out!

Just a cute girl

I feel like I haven’t posted a ton of pictures with Annika by herself the past few months. She split her face open on the coffee table leg about three months ago and the scar is taking a while to fade. Silly, I know, but I felt like I wanted to look at a picture of her pretty face and not look at picture of her big scar! Today I decided, the heck with it! She’s only this age once, who cares!



All I Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten!

Tonight at dinner, Tasha really enjoyed the stromboli I made (pizza roll). She asked me if I would give her the recipe so she could make it for her kids when she’s a grown-up. I promised that when she went away to college, I’d give her a whole book of her favorite recipes. Which led to this part of the conversation:

Tasha: “Well, I’ll need to take care of my babies. I can’t go to college if I’m taking care of them.”

Mom & Dad: “You do need to go to college though. An education is very important.”

Mom: “That’s right, Tasha you need to be able to teach your children.”

Tasha: “Well, I already know my abc’s.”

Ammon and I had a good laugh at the one!

Were you raised in a barn?

Apparently Annika thinks she is because she sure eats like an animal. We’ve tried to teach this little angel table manners, but it’s not taking very well so far. She piles enough food into her mouth for two Annika’s and make the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. If she doesn’t want to finish something, it gets squished in her hands, rubbed on her pants, table and hair and then thrown on the floor. The noises from the other end could belong in a barn too! 😉

Here’s our little piglet:


Do you see how big that mouth is opening and the size of the banana? It’s HUGE! And that was only half of the banana.


Someone’s proud of herself!