Easter Kids

I realized yesterday that I skipped posting easter pictures! Whoops!

IMG_1788 (1)

Cute kid #1


Cute kids #1 & #2

IMG_1798 (1)

Cute kids #1, #2 & #3


We had friends over for lunch on Saturday. The bunny decided to visit then too. (so we could focus on the real reason for easter on Easter Sunday)


A very happy easter baby with her first chocolate bunny.


Really? I can eat this?! (not all at once, of course)


Sunday afternoon, we dyed our eggs, too bad Mommy left them out all day, so we couldn’t eat them later. (apparently it’s not safe to eat them anyways…didn’t know that!)


Someone likes anything crafty….I’ll give you two guesses!


Annika looked so pretty, but we couldn’t get a picture without her tongue hanging out!

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