Family Date Night….kind of

So, a friend of ours gave us this great book a month or so ago with creative date ideas. Some are for the woman to open and some for the man. It’s been really fun to surprise the other person with a fun date that we probably wouldn’t have come up with by ourselves.

This last one Ammon chose was drawn out for a few weeks…during which I got surprised with all kinds of fun things. One of my favorites was the “you pick the chore and I do it”. Saturday night topped all though…

Ammon made homemade refried beans, virgin pina coladas, cheese enchiladas and flan for us. Oh and did I mention it was by candlelight. Oh, and that he had me stop by my friends house beforehand so she could do my hair (I didn’t know about it till I got there). AND, he even picked out the outfit he wanted me to wear and he dressed up for dinner. Talk about WOW!! And if the incredible food wasn’t enough, after the kids went to bed, he turns on the t.v. and he had rented a “Learn to Salsa” dvd from netflix!!!!!!!! Anyone who knows Ammon, knows he doesn’t love to dance (and I do).

It was the perfect evening and even the kids said the dinner party was like eating out at a fancy Mexican restaurant.


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  1. Kylene

    What a fun date!! It sounds like you had a blast. You’ll have to tell me more about the fun dates you guys pick!

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