Running on Empty…

Tasha and Kevin were running around this afternoon, chasing each other, having a great ole time. Suddenly, Tasha stopped running and started walking, when she declared, “I’m running out of gas!”. =) A few minutes later, she was running again, I guess she musta filled her tank.

Our little baby…not such a baby anymore!

It truly is mind-boggling that our youngest is almost two. It makes me sad in a way because she was such a cuddly baby and usually so sweet. She still remains somewhat of a snuggle-bug, but is more independent and sometimes we get pushed away if it’s inconvenient for her to snuggle! Normal, I know, but sigh….hard for the Mama! She looked especially cute the other day and I decided I should take a picture. I couldn’t get her to smile really big, but she happily sat and waited while I snapped shot after shot.


Almost smiling


Hiding her smile


And the big finish….ta-da!!!!

Weekend in Ridgway

We spent last weekend in Ridgway so that we could find a home to rent and check out the preschool and elementary schools for the kids. All three kids did great despite the long drive, late bedtime hours (due to unwelcome bed companions…ie. their brother or sister). Saturday afternoon, we looked at three houses and then watched some Tinkerbell at the hotel.

Sunday we went to the congregation that we’ll attend when we live in Ridgway. We had such an incredibly, warm welcome-we were overwhelmed, but in a good way! We had three couples invite us for dinner and the ward members practically cheered when they heard we were moving there in a few months. Sunday evening we went to dinner at the Bishop’s home and got to know him and his family a little.

Monday morning, I took the older two kids to Box Canyon Falls. We were the only ones there and they said “It was so fun” and “this is the best day!”. They were hoping we could go back and have a picnic and were thrilled to know that it would only be 10 min away when we moved there. After a short stint to the park in Ouray, we went back to Ridgway to look at some more houses and check out the schools. The preschool was great and we’re looking forward to Kevin being there 4 days a week. Tasha seemed to gain comfort from touring her school and meeting her teacher. She was a little worried about leaving her current friends and teacher.

All in all, it was a great trip and we think we found a house that will work for us. We also discovered that Montrose, Co, the next closest big town to Ridgway (25 min away) has just about everything we could want: home depot, Walmart, 2 grocery stores, Target, JCPenny, ColdStone Creamery (uh-oh!), a movie theater, two dollar stores and a drive-in theater! Woo-hoo!!!


You see those white peaks up ahead? That’s where we were going!


One of the smaller peaks as we were coming into Ouray (the town next to Ridgway, where we stayed)


A terrible picture of us eating breakfast at the hotel….at least Annika looked cute!


Can you say breathtaking?! This is the park we played at in Ouray Monday morning. We were surrounded by huge, chiseled, snow-dusted peaks of beauty. These pictures don’t do them justice.

Pictures of the past

Once in a while, Ammon will take pictures with his iphone and I forget all about it. So, here are some random pictures from the past 5 months!


Can you believe that this tiny girl eats this whole piece of Costco pizza? Almost every time!


This is actually from last summer. The kids and Ammon went camping with some of our friends. I didn’t even know Tasha knew how to climb trees! That could be a bad thing….


This is from a Daddy/Daughter date that Tasha and Ammon had a few months ago. Tasha’s request was that they go eat Mexican. She’s her Daddy’s daughter!



This was Annika after she split her head open on the coffee table leg. She was such a trooper!


Tasha at her learn to ski days at Vail ski resort


Ammon took this picture when he was skiing one day to show me how deep the powder was!


More from one of Ammon’s ski days


One of the hills Ammon went down




She looked so comfy, we had to take a picture


Tasha in SkyRidge Hospital just before her eye surgery


After her surgery


Annika taking a walk with Grandma and Papa