Strep Throat Strikes Again!

After one day of happy children and relative calmness among the chaos, Annika woke up with Tasha’s strep throat. =( No good! Poor baby. At least I know what it is and i don’t even have to make an appt to get a strep test. Too bad I’m supposed to finishing the cleaning and last minute packing today. Oh and did I mention that we have to drive for an hour just to get our moving truck and trailer? The best part is that Ammon gets to drive through the town of Glenwood Springs with a 30 foot truck that has an attached 20 foot trailer on it….Glenwood has a few spots that are tricky with anything but a compact car! I’m glad I’m not driving. Although, I will be driving a sick baby for two hours in a car….a baby who normally really doesn’t like carseats…hmmm….interesting day ahead of me, I think!

When it rains….

After a night of sleepless sleep, because of poor Tasha’s tummy aches and fever, I awoke to Kevin having acquired Ammon’s cold, Tasha moaning in pain and Annika crying with a bad diaper rash. And me….barely awake and wishing I could go back to yesterday and start over.

My morning continued with three people wanting me at the same time and me wondering how I was supposed to split myself into three and meet all the demands. Did I mention my trash can is FULL, but I haven’t had a moment to get dressed so I can take it out?

The rest of my day, I’m sure, holds exciting things like, a trip to the doctor where they’ll ask me to pay $30 and tell me there’s nothing they can do for Tasha and attempting to pack and clean while slapping more vaseline on Annika’s bottom and making herbal tea for Kevin’s throat.


The Joys of Moving!

I know I can’t complain too much since we’re excited to move to the place of our dreams and it was our choice. But here I am, taking a break from packing….sick of cleaning and packing and trying to figure out what to pack since a lot of what’s left can’t be packed yet and even some that can be packed now, isn’t enough to fill a box. Kevin is driving me nuts, probably because he’s bored and wants Mommy to entertain him, but Mommy is trying to get a house ready to move!

At least the kids finally found something to do…playing in the empty closets are fun, as is rolling around the huge spool of unprinted newsprint I’m using to pack with, then there’s always run over your sisters foot with your bike, leave her outside by herself and don’t tell your Mom or Dad…or drag her around the floor by her feet…you get the idea. Maybe I should praise them for being creative?


Yesterday evening was Tasha’s 6th birthday party. It’s about a week earlier than her b-day, but with all the moving going on, it was the only way to do it. We had decided on a Unicorn theme. Here’s one of the little unicorns:


Showing off her tail (literally)


Here’s the horn. Annika was the only one who kept her horn and tail on for the entire party. She loved it!


Where all the craziness took place


The cake…


Some of our cute little unicorns


Tasha and her friend Eva from her kindergarten class


Making candy bracelets after we finished coloring our unicorn pictures…

IMG_2217 (1)

Happy Birthday to Tasha!


Goodie bag loot


Tasha and one of her friends named Dani (there are two)


Present time! We decided to open presents after everyone left the party and I think I like it a whole lot better this way. Cuts down on the chaos!


Fun book




Groovy Girl for the groovy girl!


Pretty flowers for her hair


Fun bangles with rhinestones-ooooooo


Cool loaded backpack


Posin her new outfit


I was hoping for a bigger reaction with the tutu I made…but in her defense, it was bedtime when we were opening presents!


It as kind of fun to make this since I’m not a creative, crafty type. To have something actually turn out is happy!

All day today, Tasha wore a dress she got for her birthday, with her bracelets, flowers in her hair, her tutu and her backpack loaded with the rest of the her birthday stuff. She is one lucky girl!

Family Home Evening

Every Monday night we have a family night. We sing a hymn and have a prayer, have a short lesson on something important and then play a game and have a treat. This past Monday we talked about the armor of God and what each item represents. Here was our makeshift armor on our handsome model:


Sweet Sundays

Sundays are my favorite days of the week for many reasons…

1) We rest from the cares of the world; we don’t shop or clean or work or exercise or run errands or anything like that. Sigh…so relaxing

2) Having said that we rest…it doesn’t mean that we do nothing. We spend time together as a family, visit with friends, make cookies for neighbors, sing songs together, read scripture stories, etc.

3) We have family council: we start with a song and prayer and then talk about what we did the previous week and each person gets a chance to say what they liked the most. Then we talk about what we’ll be doing the following week and see if there’s anything that any one person really wants to do. This way we all know what’s going on and everyone feels included.

4) We go to church and learn more about how to be the best people we can be. This keeps us on track for the coming week and gives us strength to do what’s right and to try and be more like the Savior.

5) I get to see my cute kids all dressed up.

Here are some pictures of the girls from today:


Annika being silly


She was diaperless because of a rash and was trying to show off her lack thereof. Luckily she didn’t succeed. =)


The sweeter side of Annika


Tasha wanted a picture with her puppy


She’s finally got a good fake smile going on, which makes picture-taking so much easier.


Sweet sisters

Memorial Day-Part 2

Here are the rest of the pictures from our fun weekend…


Having fun on Grandma and Papa’s old-new trampoline


Kevin and Ethan (his cousin) chillin on the kid-size bench at Tiny Town


The kids checking out one of the cool houses


The gang that went to Tiny Town (the missing family members were resting at home)


Miniature greenhouse


Ethan peeking out the church window




All the kiddies in the Opera House


Some of the other miscellaneous houses


Kevin and Tasha hanging out in the playhouse


View of part of the town from the Tiny Town train


This is a replica of a restaurant that Ammon and I went to on our wedding day, so I had to take a picture. They make the best onion rings and milkshakes. Mmmmmm


No picture for this post, but I still had to post it, just so I’d remember some day. We were all sitting at the table today, having lunch. All of a sudden, Tasha looked at me and started giggling and that got me going and then, well, there was about 5 solid minutes of gut-busting, full-bodied, tummy-aching giggling on both our parts. It was one of those moments you want to capture forever as a parent. Laughing with your child for absolutely no reason and loving every minute of it!