Sweet Sundays

Sundays are my favorite days of the week for many reasons…

1) We rest from the cares of the world; we don’t shop or clean or work or exercise or run errands or anything like that. Sigh…so relaxing

2) Having said that we rest…it doesn’t mean that we do nothing. We spend time together as a family, visit with friends, make cookies for neighbors, sing songs together, read scripture stories, etc.

3) We have family council: we start with a song and prayer and then talk about what we did the previous week and each person gets a chance to say what they liked the most. Then we talk about what we’ll be doing the following week and see if there’s anything that any one person really wants to do. This way we all know what’s going on and everyone feels included.

4) We go to church and learn more about how to be the best people we can be. This keeps us on track for the coming week and gives us strength to do what’s right and to try and be more like the Savior.

5) I get to see my cute kids all dressed up.

Here are some pictures of the girls from today:


Annika being silly


She was diaperless because of a rash and was trying to show off her lack thereof. Luckily she didn’t succeed. =)


The sweeter side of Annika


Tasha wanted a picture with her puppy


She’s finally got a good fake smile going on, which makes picture-taking so much easier.


Sweet sisters

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