The Joys of Moving!

I know I can’t complain too much since we’re excited to move to the place of our dreams and it was our choice. But here I am, taking a break from packing….sick of cleaning and packing and trying to figure out what to pack since a lot of what’s left can’t be packed yet and even some that can be packed now, isn’t enough to fill a box. Kevin is driving me nuts, probably because he’s bored and wants Mommy to entertain him, but Mommy is trying to get a house ready to move!

At least the kids finally found something to do…playing in the empty closets are fun, as is rolling around the huge spool of unprinted newsprint I’m using to pack with, then there’s always run over your sisters foot with your bike, leave her outside by herself and don’t tell your Mom or Dad…or drag her around the floor by her feet…you get the idea. Maybe I should praise them for being creative?

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