When it rains….

After a night of sleepless sleep, because of poor Tasha’s tummy aches and fever, I awoke to Kevin having acquired Ammon’s cold, Tasha moaning in pain and Annika crying with a bad diaper rash. And me….barely awake and wishing I could go back to yesterday and start over.

My morning continued with three people wanting me at the same time and me wondering how I was supposed to split myself into three and meet all the demands. Did I mention my trash can is FULL, but I haven’t had a moment to get dressed so I can take it out?

The rest of my day, I’m sure, holds exciting things like, a trip to the doctor where they’ll ask me to pay $30 and tell me there’s nothing they can do for Tasha and attempting to pack and clean while slapping more vaseline on Annika’s bottom and making herbal tea for Kevin’s throat.


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  1. Beth

    the trash doesn’t care what you are wearing! does a bag of rubbish really have room to talk or complain about being seen in public with someone in thier pj’s? don’t let that stinkin’ trash get the better of you just yet 🙂
    good luck lauren, luv ya!!!

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