Strep Throat Strikes Again!

After one day of happy children and relative calmness among the chaos, Annika woke up with Tasha’s strep throat. =( No good! Poor baby. At least I know what it is and i don’t even have to make an appt to get a strep test. Too bad I’m supposed to finishing the cleaning and last minute packing today. Oh and did I mention that we have to drive for an hour just to get our moving truck and trailer? The best part is that Ammon gets to drive through the town of Glenwood Springs with a 30 foot truck that has an attached 20 foot trailer on it….Glenwood has a few spots that are tricky with anything but a compact car! I’m glad I’m not driving. Although, I will be driving a sick baby for two hours in a car….a baby who normally really doesn’t like carseats…hmmm….interesting day ahead of me, I think!

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  1. Kylene

    Just think…soon you’ll be there and soon you’ll be unpacked and soon things will get back to normal again (maybe).

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