Memorial Day Weekend

A little delayed, I know….life hasn’t slowed down at all this year, it seems. We went down to the Mannings for the weekend for some must-do’s and a much needed visit with Ammon’s family. We ate lots of yummy food, jumped on the trampoline, had a water balloon fight, took portraits, went to tiny town and more!

Admittedly, we didn’t take enough pictures but we were busy bees.


Kevin thought it would be fun to run through the freezing cold sprinklers when it was still 60 something degrees.


Cute, dare I say, adorable cousins! Trying on shoes, playing with baby dolls, the fun was endless.

More to come later….

Camping In Style

Last summer when we went camping the kids would always get cold.  I think it had something to do with the fact that it got down into the 30’s at night time…  Also, the kids could never seem to keep their sleeping bags on their pads.  So, Ammon had a great idea – make them warmer sleeping bags with the foam pad built into them!

He ordered all the material to make Tasha & Annika matching purple/pink bags, a blue camo bag for Kevin and a nice double sage bag for the two of us.  Since we are moving soon, he only took the time to make one of them.  They have a 3″ foam pad built into the bottom and 3 1/4″ of insulation on top.  The inside is warm flannel while the outside is a heavy canvas material (that will hopefully last many summers to come!)