Just so I can remember….

I thought I’d post this so I can reflect on how easy life actual was with small children, in comparison to how life will be with teenagers in the house.

7:40-put the kids to bed

7:45-guests from church stop by to visit

7:50-Annika is yelling “MAMA!!” at the top of her lungs

8:01-Annika is throwing all of the wall hanging, wooden letters that spell out her name, across the room

8:06-Annika is running around on her bed, hollering out all the names of the people in the framed photos on her wall

8:07-Annika is out of bed, playing with the humidifer

8:09-Tasha comes to tell us that Annika is out of bed….AGAIN (Kevin was sleeping in the same room through this entire charade)

8:10-Annika is out of bed and playing with the night light

8:20-I decide to “fix her” and bring up the pack and play and put her in it, hoping she won’t get out.

8:25-We endure earth-shattering shrieks of frustration since Annika can no longer get out of bed, while attempting to chat with our guests…who lucky for us have 6 children of their own (not here, thank goodness!)

8:30-Ammon goes to check on our screaming, non-sleeping child after seeing the light on in her room, only to find her standing in the pack and play buck naked. Diaper and all-on the floor. Tasha has the diaper in hand and is about to try and re-dress her baby/alien-monster, sister.

8:40-We hear crying, but things have mostly calmed down….

9:30-We HOPE we just heard the last cries out of our supposed easiest child, miss angel baby….and dread dealing with her over-tired, cranky self tomorrow!!!!!!!

But…..are still grateful that she’s ours, for those moments where she is angelic and sweet and cuddily =)

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