Happy Birthday, Annika!

Two years old. Already! I’m stuck between feeling like she’s always been part of our family and disbelief that two years have gone by. She’s still the sweet baby she once was, although her little personality has developed to be a little more on the sassy side. She loves to be tickled, to be sung to and anything girlie. If I thought Tasha was into all things girl, I was wrong compared with Annika! She has to have a bow in her hair to look pretty and is wearing a different pair of shoes every time I look at her. A few months ago, I caught her doing her makeup in my bathroom!

She’s the best hugger and loves to be held like a baby. And when she does something naughty, she pouts and stomps her way to time-out. It’s hard to keep our composure!

Last night, it was her turn to say a blessing on the food. As she was praying, we noticed she kept stopping and not saying anything for a while. Then when she did, it was really hard to understand her. We peeked and tried to contain ourselves, as we watched her shoveling blueberries into her mouth and trying to bless the food at the same time.

We had a small party for her last night….just the 5 of us. She was a little tuckered out before the party even started:


She fell asleep on the kitchen floor while I was frosting her cake. She slept through all the racket of making dinner and everything! She was one tired girl!


Being coy….or cute…not sure which!




Our little 2 year old


Pretend pouting…did I mention this is our Drama Queen of the house? Oh yes. Teenage years-watch out!!!!




Annika’s cake….not my best effort admittedly, but I didn’t have much time to do it, so I’m using that as my excuse!


Ammon and I have a love-hate thing going with this picture. We think it totally shows her personality, which is fun, but she looks more than her 2 years!


The birthday girl after she blew out her candles! Looking very demure, methinks.


Notice how Kevin can’t take his eyes off the cake? lol


Present time! Her very own baby doll. No more fighting over the babies with Tasha….


She was in love with this jewelry set, but that’s a little bit obvious!


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