Family Fun Night

Last night, we had been planning to go camping, but it had been raining with thunderstorms of and on all day and the forecast wasn’t any different for the evening. Now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE camping. But I DO NOT like camping in the rain. It’s still sorta a little bit fun, but when you have three small children who end up muddy and wet and you can’t bathe them….it’s not fun. So, we nixed camping and decided to have something fun that we could do indoors.

I was feeling mighty tired and really didn’t feel like being creative, so I browsed the net for some ideas and combined a few of them, with an original Ammon idea thrown in!

First, we ate our dinner under the table. The kids thought that was funny! They didn’t understand it when I asked them to move the chairs out from the table. They moved them out and then sat on them and looked at me like, “how the heck are we supposed to reach our food now?”

Second, Ammon spontaneously used his kid-brain and thought it would be fun to tie a toy to a big rope and hang it over the ledge upstairs and tease the kids with it. They loved this pinata-like game. They tried over and over to get that bunny before he pulled it back up. So fun.


Can you see the string? Tasha is holding on to the bunny


Ammon didn’t have any fun at all 😉

Then we played a homemade game of twister with homemade dies instead of a spinner. The kids liked this, but would get pretty mixed up with the whole left and right and had trouble keeping their other hands and feet where they were supposed to be.


The kids helped me color the circles

The last game was hide the phone. One person hid the phone and then used another phone to page the first one and the rest of the family would try and find it. Whomever found the phone had a turn to hide it next. They thought this one was the BEST! =)

It took me a little while to decide what I wanted to do, but we had such a fun evening and the kids loved playing our games. We might have to start a monthly family game night!

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