Saturday Adventure

We had talked about going to Animas Forks (Ghost town) a few weekends ago, but Tasha and I both ended up sick. We decided to reschedule our trip for today. It was a 5 hour tour from start to finish, with stops along the way, of course. The trail was a lot rougher than when Ammon and I were on it three years ago. The kids thought it was pretty entertaining though with all the bumps and rocks and big puddles we splashed through. It was a little overcast, which made it more comfortable, but made the photos not as pretty. It was a lot prettier in person. Our chauffeur was driving a little too fast for me to take pictures of the beautiful purple, yellow and white wildflowers, but wow, they were incredible!

Here’s our first stop, snacktime:



One of the gorgeous valley’s that doesn’t look like much in the picture….oh well!


We stopped to let the kids peek inside a small abandoned mine and there was this small pond right beside it. We probably shoulda gotten out of the car to take the picture, but it was still really pretty and green.


This is the largest standing home at Animas Forks. It was the Duncan home; William Duncan was a miner and the mail carrier for the little town.

There are about 10 buildings standing now, including a jail and the falling down mines. It once had at least 25 buildings, including a market, a butcher, a livery, a hotel, and lots of homes. It’s boom was between 1850 and 1879 or something like that.


We found these cute kids while we were exploring the town and decided to take them home!



The kids were in front of the Gustavson home….can’t tell you much about them. I forget.

All in all it was a very fun trip and the kids even said so too, despite the length!

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  1. Kylene

    Looks like a fun trip. You guys are always so creative and coming up wtih the most fun adventures. We need to catch up (and soon!).

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