Tonight at dinner, Ammon and I were discussing with the kids our plans for tomorrow afternoon. Ammon suggested we go to the Ghost Town “Animas Forks” as one of our stops on our drive. We had previously explained to the kids what a ghost town was and thought they understood, but apparently Kevin didn’t get the full grasp of the conversation. We told them that no one lives there now and the people who used to live there had passed away by now. So Kevin asks, “Well, when did the ghost people live there, Dad?”.

It’s a date!

While we haven’t been super-consistent with the frequency of these parent-kid dates we began in the Fall, each one we have is a great success. Both the parent and the child end up feeling closer and have enjoyed some special one-on-one time. =)

Today it was time for Kevin and I to go on a little excursion. A lot of times, we let the child choose the date, but this time, I made it a surprise!


Kevin splashing around in the river that runs through “town”.


This river isn’t very fast-flowing, is relatively shallow and has plenty of sand/rock bars in the middle, making it perfect fun for a hot, summer day!


He said he LOVES these kind of dates!

Afterwards, we spoiled our lunch with some homemade, organic ice cream from a local natural foods store. They only had chocolate or vanilla, but that was just fine with us!

Time for a Campout!

Ammon has successfully finished the kids AWESOME sleeping bags! Despite the fact that Ammon always thinks that he could’ve done a better job with his sewing projects, I’m always in awe!!! I am not a seamstress and since he can sew things from scratch sew well….(pun, pun), why should I learn now?! 😉


Aren’t the models cute?

Family Night

I tried and tried to think of a quick and easy family night treat and search as I might, I couldn’t find one. But then, as I was puttering through the cupboards….. it came to me…..chocolate-dipped pretzels!! Best of all, the kids could do it themselves, which makes it even more fun for them. And….I kinda used the pretzels as a bargaining chip. Since they would take a few minutes to set in the freezer, I figured that they should hurry and clean up the playroom and then get some pretzels. It worked like a charm!


Dipping time!


Three happy pretzel-makers


Finished products

Monday in Ridgway

Today has been very productive! In addition to my productivity, we also visited town to pick up some things and while we were there, went for a ride on a very old one of these:


It didn’t look much like this, other than that it was from the same era. The one we rode was not shiny or nearly as pretty as this; it had a rough finish and was much more banged up and almost gave the kids whiplash, but they thought it was the greatest thing ever for .10! Annika giggled like mad the whole time, even when it wasn’t her turn.

After that, we hit the Ridgway town park, which has these marvelous huge old trees. It’s beautiful and a perfect place to have fun in the shade.


The girls and baby


The boy


Annika insisted that she swing on the big kid swing, just like her siblings. “Iwnnadoit”, she kept saying over and over until I reluctantly put her on it. But…she did it, loved it, and most importantly….didn’t fall off!


Just so you can see those trees!

Weekend Update

We thoroughly enjoyed our weekend, though there was nothing earth-shattering going on. Just a fun weekend together! Saturday morning, we enjoyed banana muffins and eggs and bacon (YUM!) and then headed up to help the kids learn to ride their bikes without training wheels. I think Tasha is pretty close, but she gives up after only 5 or so minutes.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a little drive so we could get ideas for our house and we walked the lot that is for sale across the street, which is one that we’ve been looking at for a while. How awesome would it be to be able to have the kids pick up their toys and just move them across the street into our new house, instead of having to pack them all in boxes?!

The afternoon involved a shopping trip to Montrose where I saved a bunch of money and then we picked up some honey from a local bee keeper! Mmmmmmmmmm

I made homemade pizza for dinner and we enjoyed it while watching a cute kids show. Just a fun day!

Here are some pictures of our furry friends we met this weekend:


Three young bucks right outside our window!


Well, hi there!


Mama and baby mouse hanging out in the trash can. We put them in our big trash can outside so they can eat till their hearts content!

Pretty as a Picture

Julina made Annika a tutu for her birthday and gave one to Tasha too (so she wasn’t left out). Here’s the photoshoot that ensued….


Do you think she likes it? 😉


Being coy


Cute girl


Tutu sisters


Pouty-faced kids….almost

Random Shots

Here are some more random shots from Julina’s visit:


Julina said Kevin reminded her of Harry Potter in these glasses. I bet the robe helped too


Isn’t this such a cute, silly picture? I love it!


Annika showing her cheeky side


And her sweet side….


Kevin putting in a few hours at the office! You like his fancy desk?


Looks comfy, no?


Cute girl, posing


For a handsome boy, this is one SCARY picture!


happy face


Sad face…awwwwww


Present from Auntie…..paintball gun for kids! Kevin hasn’t let go of it since he got it!


Tasha and her kids. lol

Monday was not Mundane

Monday was the last full day of Auntie Julina’s vacation with us. It definately was NOT boring! We didn’t plan anything ahead of time. Julina came up with a fun idea to do a scavenger hunt. She made cute little cards with things they had to find like: deer tracks, a leaf, a butterfly, etc. About 10 min before we were to hit the trail, Kevin decided to do something unfavorable and then refused to commit to listen to me on the trail. Hence, Kevin was going to stay behind while Tasha, Annika, Julina and I went…..or so we thought.

We had gone down the trail about 10 or so minutes when suddenly Kevin comes booking it down the trail. I called to him to be careful since he was running so fast…twice actually as he was coming towards us, but he didn’t listen and Boom! down he went. After that, I lectured him a little about the dangers of leaving the house and trying to find us on his own (ie. hurting himself, getting lost and…oh yea, mountain lions!). He seemed repentant and said he would stay with us.

We continued for quite a while, having a good ole time. We started to turn back since everyone was hot and thirsty, and at that point, Kevin’s ears must have gotten plugged with dust or something b/c he stopped listening and took off. Long story short, we totally lost him for about 10 min and were pretty worried that something bad would happen to him, but Julina found him and he was fine and we got home just fine too. Whew!

Later, I had the great idea to make these caramel-covered marshmallows things. Heaven in a wrapper, I tell you. They’re called Modjeskas….I’ve only had them once, but mmmmmmm. Amazing! Well….my candy thermometer stopped working the other one we used wasn’t accurate, so instead we ended up with VERY chewy caramels. They taste good just the same, but hopefully you don’t have any loose fillings if you eat one! =)


The kids loved rolling the caramels and wrapping them. Annika was incapable of wrapping one without it staying in her mouth permanently!

Just to make the day extra interesting….we also had a little visitor:


Meet our friendly little mouse….tiny. Now, I don’t like seeing them scurry around the house because I know they’re germy, but this little guy was so cute and hardly afraid at all. Annika thought he was hilarious!

To end the day, we did a few little firecrackers and some smores! YUM!


This was the kids seat as we did the firecrackers!




Annika thoroughly enjoyed her (first?) smore.

Day Tripper

Julina (Ammon’s youngest sis) came to visit us for a few days starting last Thursday. Our first real adventure since moving here was to check out the Ouray Hot Springs. They have numerous pools, all of varying temperatures and most of them are shallow enough that the oldest two kids could stand up. Ammon had to stay home and work, but Julina, the kids and I had a great time splashing around and relaxing in the sun.

auntie kids hot springs

Auntie and the kids having fun in the deliciously warm pool

kids and Mommy hot springs

Me and my sweetie-pies

nemo Kevin

Kevin looks like he’s crying, but he’s not….I had to post the pic because of his cute fins!

After drying off, we fed the big goldfish and the turtles in their stocked pond. Then on to the best part……the Ouray Candy store!!! =) hee hee hee

The kids had fun choosing a candy and before I knew it, Annika had eaten part of her still-wrapped, old-fashioned, bubble-gum flavored,  candy stick. Then, when I turned my head around again….it was gone, demolished! I got a yummy rocky road chocolate hunk and a chocolate-covered toffee square-mmmmmmm….They have the best candies there. A bunch that I’d never heard of, some international ones and then some that you haven’t seen since you were a kid. Such a fun place!