Miscellaneous Pictures

IMG_2287Here are some I came across from before and after we moved…


Someone loves bathtime!


Crazy bath boy


Learning from her brother…..great!


We sat in camping chairs for a little over two weeks before we left since we had gotten rid of our old couches…the kids enjoyed it!


Sometimes the chairs stopped being comfortable and Annika decided to find a new seat


For our last Sunday at church in Eagle, the girls wore their darling matching dresses (courtesy of Auntie Julina!)


My 6 yr old looks like she’s 8! Ack!!!


Someone got jealous that she wasn’t in the last picture!


Cute poser


Ammon’s Father’s Day cheesecake-Blackberry Macadamia White Chocolate


Smoothie face!


Tasha was cold, but I just thought she looked funny!


Kevin liked these ski goggles he found while we were packing. He wore them everywhere….outside, to the post office..ya-EVERYWHERE!


An awesome rainbow we saw off the balcony here


The kids love that we have a deep, jetted tub. This is their first time taking a bath in it.

Sunday Photoshoot


What we really look like!
When Julina first arrived and saw the house, she said it reminded her of those old black and white photos where the people aren’t smiling…so here we are:


It’s been a little over a week since we moved and we’re still in awe of where we are. It’s beautiful and quiet and surrounded by such fantastic views! People are very friendly, but not prying and we feel at home.

I’m happy to report that we’re mostly unpacked with just the garage and our master bedroom to go! Yay for progress! Now we just need something to sit on….

Oh and it didn’t take them long at church to get us working! We made the mistake of having dinner with the Bishop a few months ago when we were looking for a place to rent. Well today….our second Sunday, I got called as the Mia Maid Advisor. So I get to work with the 14-15 year old girls. And here I thought I was done with Young Women’s for a while. =)


Julina was headed out for a run and I thought I’d go with her since it had been a while for me. Little did I know how hard a run it was going to be! It was only 3.3 miles, but it felt like 10!!! The first half was all downhill and I thought, wow this is great! But then….the last half was mostly uphill….LONG hills, BIG hills….ugh. The sun was beating down on us and between that and being out of shape and lots of hills-whew. I made it home, but ended up crashing on the bed for about an hour.

Auntie Julina took a quick photoshoot of the kiddies in their fourth of July stuff:






In the late afternoon, we took a little trip up to Twin Falls, near Yankee Boy Basin. It was not a super-difficult road, but man was it narrow in some parts. The kind where you have to wait for the other car to pass, because if you went at the same time, one of you would fall off the cliff! The falls were beautiful and we explored a little and took some pictures and then headed back to Ridgway for one of the best burgers I’ve ever had!!!!


The kids up by the falls


The falls


Beautiful wildflowers


The whole family


Auntie with the munchkins


Gorgeous green hills


An old broken down mine on the way to the falls


See that big rock up ahead on the road? You have to drive underneath it!


The river on the way down to town


Spectacular views

The place is called the Union Cafe and it’s nothing to look at and the music is well….hideous! Major twangy country….like bad enough that I wanted to turn it off. Lucky for them, the food was amazing.


Tasha and Mommy waiting for our food


Annika being cute with Auntie


Good day!

Taking a break

After a few days here and TONS of unpacking, the kids and I decided that we (and by that I mean “I”) needed a break. I took them into town and we visited the local humane society. We patted the kitties and one cute doggie and found out that you can borrow a dog for a day to take it hiking or whatnot. How fun is that for us who are not ready for a dog, but would love to get our doggie fix?

I surprised the kids with an impromtu stop at the park. Then we got caught in a huge downpour and the kids giggled like mad as we ran from a store to the car and got SOAKED!

What a good break!

Family Home Evening

On Monday evening, we had our weekly family night and enjoyed talking about when the Savior fasted in the wilderness for 40 days and to get in the right mindset, we wandered out in our backyard trees so that we couldn’t see any houses. After we finished discussing that and reading some scriptures, we went for a little hike around the trail off the back of the property. We ended with German Chocolate cake with homemade frosting and enjoyed it on the front porch.

The evening couldn’t get any better after Ammon and I watched the amazing sunset from the balcony off our master bedroom.



One of the kids favorite things about this house are the big, overside windows. At just about any time of day, they can look out and see either Alvin or Theodore (the chipmunks) or one of our many resident deer. The chipmunks like to sit on a rock that’s in the middle of a roundabout in the center of the driveway, which makes for great watching.

Tasha has already named the deer….there’s “Daisy”, “Cinda” and I’m sure there are more names, but I forget.

One night around dinnertime, Annika was laughing excitedly at the back door and banging on the window. I couldn’t figure out what she was saying until I went to look and discovered “Daisy” eating the meadow grass right next to the door.




The kids watching their new friends

Day 1 in our new place

We awoke Saturday morning to the birds chirping and an amazing views of the sunlit peaks. Were we really here? We kept asking ourselves this question all weekend!


Basically, the view from our bedroom window, but this makes it look so far away and it really isn’t that far!

We spent most of the day unpacking and attempting to get more settled. I was determined to get the kitchen mostly put away and functional.

Late morning we took a side trip to Montrose to pick up a bunch of things we needed-like food! We ordered curtains for the bedroom since well…we like sleeping past 5 am and with all the huge windows in our bedroom, it’s near impossible to do so without some window coverings. We also ordered…..(drum roll please)…………..NEW COUCHES!!!!! Woooo hooooo! Ok, so technically, it’s a couch and a loveseat, but it’s still so exciting. These are first pieces of furniture we’ve ever bought brand-new. EVER! I’ll post a picture when they come, of course. The not so great part is that they take 4 weeks to get here (3 weeks now), but to get the couches I love, it’s worth sitting on the floor for a while. =)


Ammon took all three kids to the bathroom while I was picking out curtains in JCPenny. They had this seat in the family bathroom, where you can strap a curious child in to prevent unrolling of the toilet paper, playing in the toilet, leaving the bathroom while you’re taking care of business and more! Annika liked it, in case you couldn’t tell.

This is what happens when you take your kids to Home Depot after they’ve spent most of the day driving and shopping for grown-up things (house stuff):


Those are funny-looking rugs….hmmmm

We’re Here!

Here’s us getting all packed up:


We moved safely to Ridgway on June 25th. The kids actually did pretty well, considering it was a long 4 hour trip (with stops). Each of our munchkins tooks turns riding with Daddy in the big (and I do mean BIG) moving truck. If you think a 3o foot truck with a 20 foot trailer sounds big….take a look:


The big-o truck!


The alternate driver

As we were coming into Ridgway, I had the unmistakable feeling of coming home. It was surprising to me since I’d only been there a few times, but as I saw the mountains and all the green fields and trees, I felt like this was where I had always been meant to be. It was almost overwhelming to me. Call it what you want, but to me it was a re-affirmation from the Lord that this was THE place for us. The spirit was undeniable.


The view going up the hill to where we live

I was so grateful that I wasn’t driving that huge rig, especially as we made the trek up the windy mountain to LogHill Village where our new home is. The house is on a cul-de-sac, but the truck was too big to turn around, so Ammon had the joy of back the truck and trailer from the end of the street into the long driveway. (again, glad I wasn’t driving!!!).

I was in awe of how awesome the house was when we first arrived. So spacious and bright and we could  barely see our neighbors house because of all the trees!  Kevin and I decided to walk around the house and explore for a few minutes and we ran right into a doe who was eating, laying down (sometimes that sounds like a good idea). We were only maybe 7 or 8 feet away from her and she just stared at us for a few min and then got up and walked away. Kevin was pretty impressed at our new digs from then on.


The house


The living room/dining area


Kitchen with o so many cabinets and drawers (lower)


The master bedroom (more like suite!)


Master bathroom shower

We had the truck unpacked in about 4 hours…not bad since it was just Ammon and I and we were supervising three energy-filled children! We couldn’t wait to explore!

Not so fun

Only a few days after arriving and not even a week into her strep-throat meds, Annika decided it would be fun to forgo eating and starting throwing whatever she drank. After about 5 times, I decided a trip to the doctor was necessary. I was going to wait until next week to establish a primary care physician, but what the hey! Let’s do it now!

Luckily, it turned out to be the meds irritating her stomach and after we stopped them, she was fine.