Fancy Do

Yesterday while I was talking on the phone, the kids decided my hair didn’t look quite right. They took it upon their selves to give me a new look:


Isn’t it lovely? Oh yes…I think I’ll have them do it like this when I speak in church next time.

Imogene Pass

While I enjoyed some quality time with Annika, Ammon took the older two kiddos to do some more trails. I was happy to have the quiet time, but once he returned and I saw the photos…I wished we’d gone too!!!


You think this is pretty? Just wait!


How about these cute flowers Ammon found up there?


Heaven…..right here. 4 foot tall purple and white wildflowers! Sigh….


GORGEOUS! Do you see why I wish I’d gone?!


This field is just adorable with all it’s low-bearing flowers


A field full of our state flower-columbine (the little blue and white guys with the yellow centers)


Pretty in pink and yellow


The view straight ahead is Telluride (ski-resort town, similar to Vail…Tom Cruise has a place there…think we should go visit?)


Two chilly kids eating lunch at the top of the pass…they ended up eating, tent-style…completely under the blanket!


I love places like this where you get to drive through the mountain!

Yankee Boy Basin & Governor Basin

We’d been planning to go up to Yankee Boy Basin for weeks. It’s very well-known among photographers for it’s stunning display of wildflowers during the last few weeks of July. While, it was still beautiful, unfortunately most of the flowers were finished blooming. We stopped to have a snack and take pictures and had a visit from a rock chuck =) Too bad we didn’t get a picture of him!


The gang at the top of Yankee Boy


A few of the flowers that were hanging in there despite two weeks of solid rain


Ammon had to take a picture of Jack at the top of the hill


Purple flower just for me



After Yankee Boy, we decided to explore a little up Governor Basin, which turned out to be incredibly breathtaking…



Waterfall on the way up


View at the top





One cute little columbine growing by the side of the road, all by itself!


View on the way back down

For the second weekend in a row, we’d planned to go camping on Friday, but since the forecast was predicting rain and it rained the whole week long…we had a backup plan. Not the same, but still lots of fun. Take a look:


We just finished eating our hot dogs, etc at our camping table, in the garage. We even did smores in the garage over a stove. We actually have a small fire pit, but we didn’t have enough time to get the coals ready. Next time!


Everyone did really well sleeping considering we hadn’t gone camping since last year. The kids loved their new sleeping bags Daddy made them. Annika unfortunately, still managed to slide out of her bag and since I was right beside her, I had the privilege of shoving her back in!

Annika refused to take a nap today, despite not sleeping as much as normal the night before. After I got her up from her futile nap attempt, I was laying on the floor and she came right over to me and layed on me and fell straight asleep! Talk about how to melt Mommy’s heart! She has never been one to sleep in the same bed with Ammon or I and never EVER even as a baby would fall asleep on us like that when we were laying down. It was one of those “to remember” moments as she’s already growing up so fast! When she woke up, she snuggled with me and stoked my arm softly and had lots of giggles. Sigh….

Deal of the Month!

The kids and I went back-to-school shopping the other day. Yes, it seems early to me too, but it was rainy and cold and there were good sales on, so off we went! It kind of made me excited for them to start school…not because they were naughty or anything ;), just because it’s fun to see them learning and growing and good for them to be with other kids all day!

Anyways, while I was there, I “happened” to walk down Walmart’s clearance aisle and what should catch my eye, but these two darling little lanterns. $4.00/each!!!! I’ve been eyeing these things for YEARS; in pottery barn catalogs, in target, on bhg’s website, but the lowest I’ve ever seen them is about $12/each and I’m just SO cheap! Needless to say, I snatched them right up and brought them home. We don’t have a place to put them at the moment, but I can’t wait to use them on a future table or shelf!


They look pewter from the picture, but they’re actually silver…I just took a bad picture ’cause I was in a hurry.

And yes, I know they’re just things and I shouldn’t love them, but they’re just so darn cute!

New Additions

Last night at 8:30pm, we welcomed two new members to our family. Brennan, the sofa and Brennan Jr., the loveseat were long-awaited joys in our lives. Our bottoms are very happy and both Brennans and the rest of the family are doing well and enjoying their time together.

Here’s a peek:


They haven’t been moved to their permanent positions, at the moment we’re just playing with them and cuddling their soft, sandy microfiber. Sigh….must be love!


This sums up summer to me:


Sweet corn on the cob


This is our 2 cobs a sitting boy. 2 cobs…that’s plus other food!


Big mud puddles to splash in


I love how unapologetic Annika looks in this picture =)


hee hee, I’m all muddy!


Being his normal self, albeit, a muddy self…


Tasha didn’t want to be left out on the picture action. She made up this pose herself!


Gorgeous end to a great day