Last one…almost

The Manning came to visit us for a few days over Labor Day weekend. The night they were to arrive, Tasha thought it would be a fun challenge for us to throw a screaming fit, for no apparent reason….at bedtime. For 30 min. During which time we discovered that the 75 lbs of peaches we got at a local farm were starting to get moldy and it was time to can the ones that weren’t. Oh boy. Let’s just say we were so grateful the Mannings arrived shortly after we started the peaches. We were still up till midnight!

The next day, we spent some time visiting, went on a long walk and then hit the Ouray Hot Springs! Unfortunately, we didn’t have our camera with us, but it was a blast as usual and Tasha is becoming quite the brave little swimmer. She would jump off the step on the side of the pool and swim like mad for as long as she could. Kevin did a great job floating on his back too. After our swimming and feeding the koi in the pond near the pool, we had ICE CREAM from Ouray Candy. Mmmmmmmmm….Great way to end a day!


Having some quality Grandma time


And Papa time!

Saturday, we went on another long walk and refreshed ourselves with a tea party. The kids first! We made Very Cherry Berry tea (or something like that) and dressed to the nines.


All dressed up and no place to go!

We had a special birthday dinner for Papa since we wouldn’t be with him on his birthday:

Meatloaf, mashed taters and peas. And a death by chocolate kind of cake:


Papa’s gift…the softest licorice…


The cake didn’t turn out as perfect as I would’ve liked, but in my defense, I don’t have any round cake pans and had to use a casserole dish. The top layer ended up bigger than the bottom, so I trimmed it. Oh well. It was a chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream filling and chocolate ganache. I decided I really like ganache. Easy and pretty and yummy.




Sunday after church


Ya. You see what I have to live with? 😉 I smile all pretty, expecting this great picture of the two of us and look what I get!


Better, but I liked the first one better of me!


The mountains on fire, kind of sunset


Best seat in the house!


Or maybe this is the best seat in the house for watching the sunset


These two were born with a bad case of the sillies. They must be related to me!


Best friends, worst enemies. This was one of the former moments! Thank goodness!

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