So, while we LOVE living up in the mountains….we don’t love the mice in our house. Hence our newest additions: BlackJack and Tiger…we kept them in the garage for two weeks as instructed by the shelter so that they would know this was their house and would stick around. Tiger has been awesome. Let’s the kids do just about anything to him and always wants attention. He hasn’t caught mice yet, but has caught a few bunnies (I know they’re cute, but let’s be honest, they’re overpopulated). So, we know he’s a hunter. Blackjack on the other hand was cute (and yes I said was) but wouldn’t let us near him and when he finally was about to, Tiger decided to tackle him and go all vampire on him, biting his neck. I’m thinking BlackJack just didn’t feel all that welcomed by that kind of response and thus, he has run away….

Here’s Tiger:


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