September Update Part 1

The day after Lee and Ellen left, was the first day of school, and my Mom came to visit. Hind-sight tells me this was too much all at once for the kids. Needless to say, the kids behavior was not stellar at home for at least a week or so. Regardless, Tasha and Kevin both had great first days of school….


Too bad I forgot to have him take off his sweater. He picked out the pants and underneath is a white shirt with a green football on it, which he also picked out


I could not get real smiles out of my kids….so,

I gave up!


Then I got this one. Real smiles, as good as it’s going to get!

The first week Mom was here, we browsed some of the local antique shops, took lots of walks and visited while I did some catching up around the house.


The view from the lookout point on one of our walks


Too bad the mountains were hazy….they’re such majestic peaks

The first Saturday of Mom’s visit, we decided to try our hand at geocaching. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s kind of like a treasure hunt where you have general directions and coordinates and then you try and find a box that’s hidden and has various objects inside. You can take an object as long as you replace it with something of equal value. Anyways, we thought it sounded fun, so off we went to Ouray. Well, I didn’t take care to write down the specific directions and so we didn’t find it, but it was still fun hiking in and looking for it.


Here’s the gang in the general area where the box was supposed to be

We stopped to admire a waterfall across the road:


I really should’ve taken a photo of the view from the top of the falls, because the surroundings were perfect. Tall, green mountain cliffs all around us, and all you could hear was the rushing of the falls. The sky was the most vibrant shade of blue. It was a little bit of paradise


Here’s looking up the falls to where we were sitting. This was only about half of the falls. The other half was below.


Ammon took each kid down below, one at a time (it was really steep). Surprisingly, Kevin was the most cooperative in the photographs this time!


See what I mean?


Squinty McGee, even with her sunglasses! She must have her Daddy’s sensitive eyes

Sunday, Annika thought it would be neat to see what one of those giant clay pots would feel like if you fell into it headfirst. The result was a giant, black and blue goose egg on her head, that two weeks later is still yellow and green and she now has black eyes too. Just for fun….so people can think we smack our kids around, you know. You’ll notice it in the next pictures that follow, no doubt!

Tuesday the 14th was Tasha’s very first ballet class. It was an interesting experience as I wrangled my usually sweet 6 year-old, reminding her that she chose to take ballet lessons and Mommy and Daddy were paying a pretty penny for her to do so. I was determined….she was staying and trying at least once. And she did…After sitting in my lap for the first 10 min or so, I began following the teachers directives and eventually, Tasha participated. By the end of class, she still wouldn’t let me leave, but at least I got to watch from the corner, instead of prancing with 6 year olds!


Pretty in pink (an update on ballet: her second class went great and Mommy didn’t stay at all!)

We found a great place in a sorta nearby town that sells cheap produce in bulk. That’s where our peaches were from. So, we went back and got apples and pears. Mom helped me bottle our 40 lbs of apples into apple slices (for baking) and applesauce.


It took us about all day to peel and slice and bottle these suckers, but I’m happy to be stocked for the winter.


Of course, we had no fun at all!

On Friday, we went camping at the Ridgway State Park. It’s not really my idea of great camping, but it did the job and had a great setting, definately beautiful. Ammon has gotten me so used to camping out in the middle of nowhere, no campsite per se, just lots of trees and a firepit and open space all to yourself.


Do you see her poor face? So sad. It got sadder looking at time went on I think.


Eating our grub


Ok….anyone who knows my handsome husband, knows just how big his mouth is….I don’t mean the things he says….I mean his actual mouth! Do you see the size of that marshmallow????????!!!! Ammon came home from Walmart a few days before with these giant marshmallows.


Maybe this gives it better perspective….It’s bigger than Annika’s hand!


Here’s the big one and a regular one being roasted side by side!! lol


Talk about a S’MORE baby!


We learned something about the giant marshmallows….they’re the adult marshmallows and the regular ones are the kid marshmallows! 😉

After our s’mores, we took the kids down to the park to wear them out for bed. The older slept like babies….and the baby, well, didn’t sleep much! We discovered that Annika doesn’t like sleeping bags, hence the reason she doesn’t sleep well when camping. So, we put a blanket on her and she fell straight to sleep. However, after waking up in the middle of the night, she promptly flopped herself on top of Mommy and contorted me into all sorts of interesting positions as I accomodated her need to snuggle with me all night long.


The next morning, the kids were excited to show me the changing leaves on some of the bushes.




Random pic of Tasha while we were packing up to leave


Say cheese

I have a little boy sitting beside me, patiently waiting for my attention, so update part 2 will have to come later…….

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