September Update Part 2

Ok, I’m back.

So, where was I….Oh ya, so here are few kind of random shots that we took while Mom was here.


Tasha tells me how she wants her hair these days. I still get some say and the odd day, I do what I want, but I guess this is age 6!


Here’s the back


Annika insisted I take a picture of her


Kevin thrilled at finally eating the pear he dubbed “Grandfather Pear”. It was about half the size of his face. And he finished it all!

The day before Mom went home, we took Annika and went for a walk around the State Park. It was so pretty there when we went camping, but we didn’t have a lot of time to explore. It was a little cool, but pleasant.


I love how the sky is reflected in the water




Snuggles with Grammy =)

After hearing recommendations from various friends, we watched Food, Inc a few weeks ago. Big Mistake! Ignorance was bliss! Now, after seeing how disgusting food really is in America, I’m having difficulty buying anything packaged or not organic. Our food is so processed and genetically modified and just ew! As a result, Ammon and I decided that we need to plant a garden. One problem…we’re renting, oh that and it’s Fall and snow will be here in a month or so. The solution?


An indoor garden!!! We have all these crazy big windows and thought, why not put them to good use? So, here it is. Complete with grow-ligthts and mylar to reflect the light.


For family night on Monday, we talked about planting a garden with the kids and why it’s important to be self-sustaining. They enjoyed planting the seeds. We planted cherry tomatoes, green beans, mini-cucumbers, three different kinds of lettuce, baby carrots, cilantro, basil, strawberries, bell peppers, jalepeno’s and I think that’s it.


Tasha’s turn


And Kevin

We were a little worried as to whether or not the plants would grow, since neither one of us have a green thumb. But……look what we found this morning:


GREEN! Woo hooo! Our cucumbers and our cherry tomatoes decided to make an appearance today. We were pretty excited! Now, we’ll see if they give us fruit!

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  1. Melanie

    Yes, I agree. I thought it was a fantastic movie for those wishing to lose a few pounds because you cannot eat anything after watching it. We have switched to organic as much as possible . . . but since we don’t even have GRASS, we cannot plant anything. But I am checking out local farms for our meat.

    We also LOVED Pres. Monson’s quote of Mother Teresa. It really made the whole night.

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