Well, so far our real camping (opposed to our garage camping extravaganza) totals 1 whopping time. Granted, it was a great time, but I wasn’t feeling 100% so it wasn’t quite as fun as normal. We went off-roading for a bit and found this awesome camping spot, right on this thickly-forested island, surrounded by two rivers. We had to drive through the river to get to it, which the kids thought was top-notch! It was a gorgeous spot, quiet and pretty. We even had our own pet deer, who stayed around the entire trip. She just kept coming about 10 feet from us and staring us down. Once we caught her licking our camping table!


Cutest camper!


Three happy campers!


I found this hot guy in the woods. He offered to put our tent up for me. Isn’t he sweet!?


Time-warp….it’s 1990 and Super-Ninetendo is all the rage; Super-Mario Brothers, anyone? This is the most perfect super-mario mushroom I’ve ever seen.




The next morning….as you can see, I was thrilled that Ammon was taking this picture. Ammon and I didn’t sleep much because of our sweet Miss Annika who decided that she would fuss and fall out of her sleeping bag all night.


Isn’t this out of this world? Breathtaking!


Kevin basking in the sunlight


Our campsite


A purple flower just for me!


Kevin having fun in the meadow


Sweet sisters


Beautiful waterfall by the river


Admiring the waterfall

We met friends of ours to test run a trail for the Ouray Jeep Jamborree. It’s supposed to be the hardest trail in the San Juans, but Jack handled it like it was nothing! Here’s what makes it the most difficult trail…only us and one other vehicle made it up this wall without being winched up:


Going up


Looking down from the top

When we got to the top, Kevin said, “Dad, where’s the big rock wall we’re supposed to go up?”. Our friend who organizes the Ouray Jamborree said, “Cake!” right after we got up because Jack made it look so easy. So, Tasha asks “Where’s the cake?”. She thought we got cake if we made it up the wall!


Pretty field of wildflowers! I LOVE COLORADO!!!


If you think this is pretty….


LOOK AT THIS! No, this is not photoshopped, this is the real color of this Lake that I wish I could remember the name of!



Trip to Eagle

A few weeks ago, we took an impromtu trip to Eagle. A friend of ours was moving out of state and Ammon wanted to pick somethings up from the office, so away we went. We stayed with our friends the Daugherty’s who happen to live in the same townhouse that we used to. It was fun to visit with friends, and yes, a little strange to stay in the basement of what used to be “our house”. =)

We stopped at Smashburger on the way there and WOW! The most amazing (but fattening) food ever!

Here’s a pic of our kids playing with the Daugherty’s:


Free is my favorite!

So, about a year ago, I joined this InStyle Magazine trendsetter readers panel. I actually don’t read the magazine much, but like to look through it now and then. Well, about 6 weeks ago, they sent me an email asking for me address and my size and today in the mail, I got these Eileen Fisher (some high-faluting New York Designer) pants in a package! I normally wouldn’t be impressed by a designer name, nor would I pay the $198 these pants retail for, but WOW! They’re black, skinny pants with lots of stretch in them and they are SOOOOOOOO comfortable. I’d post a picture of me in them, but they show the flaws I’m currently working on, so I’ll wait a few months, but wow people. $200 pants….for free! Love it!