Pumpkin time!

Last night we carved our pumpkins and enjoyed caramel dip with apples…we were going to do caramel apples, but ran out of time. We’ll have to save them for another night!

Annika has never really done the whole pumpkin thing. Last year she was 1, but wasn’t really into taking out the goop and seeds. This year though, she was all over it….or it was all over her! One of the two!


Annika’s cute little pumpkin


Tasha’s cute Mama pumpkin


Annika really gets into eating her caramel dip and apples


Despite my lack of makeup, I still liked this picture. Tasha asked for a silly pumpkin face


oooooooooooooo, scary! Kevin’s is the bat, Annika has the mad face in the middle (that’s what she wanted) and Tasha has the silly face with the tongue sticking out.


Cute kids, cute pumpkins


This is what they really look like!


Our first harvest

So, it was a very tiny harvest, but nonetheless, we’re thrilled that our garden actually grew something edible! YAY for sweet greens! (leaf lettuce)

Even the kids were excited to eat their salad last night because it had our very own lettuce in it:


Another cute Annika moment

So, I realize that the other two kids don’t get as much press when it comes to cute moments, but believe me they have cute moments. It’s just that Annika is still learning to be her own person and sometimes she says the most unexpected things for a little 2 year old.

Yesterday, Ammon was taking a nap and Annika was helping me re-fill my spice jars. It had started to rain, as in POUR and Annika noting how loud the rain was said with a very serious face:

“Shhhhhhhhhhh, rain! Daddy, sleeping!” and then proceed to giggle like mad! =)

Just for you, Lauren!

These pictures are by request, although I’ve been meaning to post more photos of our very happy indoor garden:


Sweet Greens




Crazy green beans


Cherry tomatoes


Little finger carrots

Hurray for a very green, thriving garden! Now, the question becomes….will it bear actual edible items?

Fall in Ridgway

Living in the mountains might not be for everyone. Some people have to be closer than 30 min to all their conveniences, or have to live where there are sidewalks or like to be able to see the flatter, rolling plains. But for Ammon & I, there’s nowhere we’d rather be. Our decision to live in Ridgway was an involved process, but we don’t regret our choice for one minute! We drink in the clean, fresh air, the serene landscape and the peace and quiet where you can be alone with your thoughts. And even if you’re not a mountain person…you can’t deny the beauty of the land up here.






I love Annika’s latest cuteness. All of our kids love animals and want to pet them whenever possible. Annika also has a great fascination with babies. Saturday in Target, she saw two babies and exclaimed, “Awwwww, baby” , in a cooing high-pitched voice (note: I don’t do the whole baby voice thing like she did).

Then to my great amusement, she asked, “Pet him?” LOL!!!!!! Luckily, the parents weren’t in ears range. Although it might have given them a good laugh!


So today started out a great morning….I got up on time, went through my usual morning routine without a hitch. It took a little prodding to get Tasha out of bed, but the other two were already awake and everyone seemed to get done with breakfast early even…except Kevin who decides to color with markers when he’s supposed to be brushing his teeth and doesn’t listen the 10 times that I ask him to go do it. But then….we’re out the door and I start the car. Tasha is supposed to be feeding the cat. She’s in the garage for like 4 whole min….which may seem like nothing, but when you have a schoolbus to catch-it’s a lot! Then she announces, she hasn’t fed the cat and she has to use the potty. I feed the cat, we hop in the car and drive down the road and I ask if she grabbed her backpack? Of course not! We drive back to the house like a crazy person and get her bag and then I proceed to lecture the kiddies on how they need to use the bathroom when they get up, yada, yada, yada.

We walk in the door and Annika does the “Mom,mom,mom.mom” thing. She couldn’t say my name this morning without saying it 55 times in a row, not even giving me a chance to answer. Which inevitably drove me bonkers!

So, I escaped up to my room to vent and realized with irony that the scriptures that I read this morning were about not complaining and trying to love everyone. Also, as I’m typing this I do in fact, know that all these little annoyances are just that-annoyances and in the scheme of things they don’t matter. They just happened to catch me all at once and in the morning (everyone who knows me knows I am NOT a morning person).

Thus for the rest of the day, I’m going to focus on being more positive and like a duck-let the water roll off my back.


Sunrise, Sunset…

Ok, so I don’t have a picture of the sunrise….though I’m up for it everyday and we have had some fabulous sunrises lately. I just never think to grab the camera while I’m rushing around getting ready and getting the kids out of bed! However, we had an amazing sunset the other day…


Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Yes, he’s officially 5 years old….and already asking when his 6th birthday is! 😉 Last Friday, he had a super-fun birthday party with some of his little friends from church and school. It was Star Wars themed at his request (no, he’s never seen Star Wars!). We had Jedi training here with lots of padawans and princesses and everyone seemed to enjoy playing. So much so, that after the games and food and cake were over, the kids were still playing for an hour or so! Kevin told me it was cool, so I think that means I made it as a Mommy….at least for last Friday! =)

IMG_3458 (1)

We posed this picture ahead of time in hopes of getting a decent picture of Kevin and his cake

IMG_3459 (1)

The dark side and the light side of the force cake


Annika wanted a picture of her too

We celebrated Kevin’s actual birthday yesterday with pizza and saved his family presents to open then.


Present time


Happy with his loot


Fitting present….don’t you think?


Upon opening this present from his Great-Grandparents, he exclaimed, “They spoiled me AGAIN!”…with a grin on his face, of course!


Tasha being tough with her supergirl powers. These gloves make a punching sound when you punch


Annika enjoying Kevin’s new light saber…Ammon felt it necessary to put on a little extra protection when playing with Annika

I’ll have to post more lightsaber pictures later…