Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Yes, he’s officially 5 years old….and already asking when his 6th birthday is! 😉 Last Friday, he had a super-fun birthday party with some of his little friends from church and school. It was Star Wars themed at his request (no, he’s never seen Star Wars!). We had Jedi training here with lots of padawans and princesses and everyone seemed to enjoy playing. So much so, that after the games and food and cake were over, the kids were still playing for an hour or so! Kevin told me it was cool, so I think that means I made it as a Mommy….at least for last Friday! =)

IMG_3458 (1)

We posed this picture ahead of time in hopes of getting a decent picture of Kevin and his cake

IMG_3459 (1)

The dark side and the light side of the force cake


Annika wanted a picture of her too

We celebrated Kevin’s actual birthday yesterday with pizza and saved his family presents to open then.


Present time


Happy with his loot


Fitting present….don’t you think?


Upon opening this present from his Great-Grandparents, he exclaimed, “They spoiled me AGAIN!”…with a grin on his face, of course!


Tasha being tough with her supergirl powers. These gloves make a punching sound when you punch


Annika enjoying Kevin’s new light saber…Ammon felt it necessary to put on a little extra protection when playing with Annika

I’ll have to post more lightsaber pictures later…

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  1. Lauren

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Nice cake! I’m waiting to see more pics of the garden, I’m interested to see how it’s continuing to grow….( :

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