B.O., Deo & a hint ‘o mint

Mmmmm, what a wonderful combination! Not exactly what you expect when you put your toothbrush in your mouth before bed to brush your teeth. It was a custom toothpaste flavor, courtesy of Annika. Do think we should market it?

It was almost as bad as the time that I popped in a piece of gum that had been living in Ammon’s jeep console. Little did I know, till after I put it in, that Ammon’s car air-freshener had also leaked in that same console. Mmmmm, mountain fresh.

How does your garden grow?

Like this!!!



Green beans on the left, carrots on the right


I didn’t post pictures of all the plants. So far, we have three different kinds of lettuce, carrots, green beans, cuc’s, strawberries and tomatoes growing (in the plant stage). For some reason, our peppers and herbs don’t want to grow, so we’re going to try re-planting them and hope for the best. I thought herbs were easy to grow? Hmmm…


Breakfast is probably my favorite meal of the day. I love all breakfast foods (except cottage cheese). I also love making breakfast foods. They’re easy and fun and the whole family enjoys them. While I get up early during the week, by the time I get a workout in and shower, get dressed, read my scriptures and pray….it’s 6:15 and time to get the kiddos up. So, my only real time to make yummy breakfast is the weekends. This week though, the kids got lucky and got two homemade breakfasts! Whoop! Whoop!


Yogurt, cereal & fruit-it was a hit! Tasha told her 1st grade teacher…”We had parfaits for breakfast.” When she told me this, I about died thinking her teacher is going to wonder what kind of mother gives their kids ice cream and hot fudge and whipped cream for breakfast!! Lucky for me, Natasha explained to her teacher what our “parfaits” were made of.


Cinnamon rolls for Friday! I made them for Ammon’s seminary class, but of course, there were lots leftover. I had to give some to neighbors so we wouldn’t eat all of them!

Fall Colors

We’ve been able to see the leaves changing to their beautiful yellow-gold color for a while now, but last week we decided it was time to see them up close. We went for a drive up to Uncompaghre National Forest and shot picture after picture of gorgeous views sprinkled with gold. Some of the trees still haven’t changed, which really surprised us since usually by this time all the trees are almost done. It’s okay though. It just means we have to take another drive tomorrow!