There’s something so rewarding and motivating when you set a goal and achieve it! So often, it’s easy to fall short. Sometimes I think we expect ourselves to fail, especially when it’s something we’ve tried before and we haven’t succeeded. It’s such a faith restorer in ourselves when we actually do it! I had such an experience recently and not to be boastful, but it kind of made me feel like I was walking on air-at least for a day or so, nothing could go wrong! =)

I’m so thankful for all the blessings I’ve been given that allow to me be able to do such things. Most of all, I’m thankful for the Lord for helping me accomplish my goals and my dreams.



Our first harvest of green beaners! Yay!!! It’s so exciting to watch things grow and then actually get to eat them. The kids continue to be excited too.

I know it’s an investment to do this sort of thing and it might not be for everyone, but I’ve got to say that it has been one of the best things we’ve ever done and I think the benefits outweigh the costs. Especially when you consider that these are organic veggies. You compare the costs of buying them versus growing them like this and I bet it’s actually cheaper. And fun! =)

If anyone reading this has questions, email me or Ammon. We’d be happy to share what we’ve learned.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary….

Here’s a recent (as in today) photo of our garden:


From right to left: lettuce, strawberries, carrots, green beans, cuc’s and cherry tomatoes. You can’t see the cilantro, basil or jalepeno plants in this pic, but they’re a-growin!

We have teeny tiny green tomatoes starting, the cuc’s are tiny too, but growing by the day. We’ve already been eating the lettuce, basil and cilantro. Happiness is…..

Best deal of the season….so far!

So about a month ago…ok, maybe two, I heard about this store that had great home clearance going on. One of the blogs I check often ( mentioned about a $15 credit you could get if you signed up for this stores newsletter. Of course, I did and got these fabulous (and much needed) salad servers.


Aren’t they pretty? They make me happy every time we have salad!!!

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

We celebrated Ammon’s birthday last weekend with a day of baking and fun! Ammon went off paint-balling with some guys in the am, while the kids and I got everything ready. We spent hours making cards, a scavenger hunt and 4 different kinds of tarts for our favorite Daddy/husband in the whole world! =)


One of my cute little helpers


We made pumpkin, peach and butter tarts and key lime cheesecake tarts.

After Ammon arrived home from paintballing and got some lunch, we kidnapped him and took him to Ouray to get a neck, back and shoulder massage, while the kids and I played at the park. He was totally surprised (hurray, for once!!!!) and melted into his seat all the way.

He started with his scavenger hunt, which the kids made entirely by themselves. Tasha wrote the clues and Kevin and Annika helped hide them. The prize at the end was of course, his wrapped present, which they wrapped themselves. I would have liked pictures of all this hunting, etc, but I was busy preparing a light dinner. Oh well!

After dinner, it was tarts with whipped cream and ice cream.


The birthday boy and his admirers


Wonder what he wished for? More tarts? 😉

Just one of those times….

I realize that this is just a phase, a momentary challenge, one of the normal frustrations of being a Mom….BEDTIME! Ok, and not just bedtime, but just about anytime today. And yes, I love being a Mom, wouldn’t change my family, or send back a kid (although, there are moments….;) ) and I can recognize all the wonderful blessings I have. But, there are times (like this) when you just need to vent. That you feel like you can’t stand another pouty face and whining episode when one kid gets the last yogurt and the other has to pick something else, or when your youngest child feels like they need to whack or pinch the middle child just to assert their position in the family. Or when the youngest child NEVER SEEMS TO STOP WHINING! No matter how much you try to either ignore or address their whiny-ness. Or when everyone is talking to you at once and you’re in the middle of doing something else and the phone rings and the timer beeps on the oven and you feel like you’re going nuts! And when at bedtime, one kid decides he needs to pee for the 55th time, the other one has already given 22 hugs and kisses, but insists on more and the other one thinks it’s a good time to talk about everything and anything and sigh….

you’re even more thankful for the time change because as much you deeply, truly, tenderly adore, love and cherish each of your children…….

you’re thrilled to bits that you get to put them to bed one hour earlier and can actually have more than 30 min to spend with your spouse before bed.

The end of my vent.

Silly cat

Our cat, appropriately named Tiger (his original name was stripes) was spotted about 20 feet up in a tree today hunting a large grey squirrel…At times I wasn’t sure who was hunting who, but in the end I decided it was our cat doing the hunting.

Look closely:


Tiger is up about 7 feet above the squirrel

He’s been such a fun cat for us. We’ve only seen one mouse in the 3 months we’ve had him (compared to the one a day before) and he tolerates pretty much anything the kids do to him. He loves attention, doesn’t mind being outside and is very entertaining. He likes to go on walks with us, crouching like a tiger and then running as fast as a tornado past us and climbing up a tree. He likes to sit just a few feet away from our resident deer (plural) and watch them. And he talks to us through the window. He even enjoys the odd ride in the car. Perfect fit!

Weekend fun!

On Saturday, we went to a local corn maze and we were so glad we went! It’s $20 for all of us and we had a few hours of fun running around in the tall corn. The kids loved figuring out which way to go and hiding in the corn and jumping out and scaring those of us that were going a little slower (a.k.a Annika and I). It was a beautiful, sunny day-perfect for a fall outing!


Getting ready to begin


We made it!!!


This one’s out of order, but oh well


Cute little girl we found at the end of the maze

To finish off a great morning, we stopped at Target so I could do a little early Christmas shopping and I found that their dollar section was 75% off!! Woo hoo! Hello stocking stuffers! You can’t beat .25/each!!!!! Love it!


Our Halloween festivities this year actually started on Thursday. Kevin went trick-or-treating with his preschool class to a few local businesses. Friday was Tasha’s class party that I was planning, which turned out well, despite a major lack of communication by the other person I was working with. Hurray for happy endings! It was also her school’s costume parade. Then Friday night at our church they had a trunk or treat (in case you’re not in the loop, it’s when everyone parks their vehicle in the church parking lot, decorates their trunk and the kids go from trunk to trunk-bonus, you don’t have to walk as far in the cold and you know where the candy is coming from).

Friday was a little bit of a whirlwind with the final party preparations and the fact that I couldn’t find Tasha’s fairy tutu/skirt that I’d made back in June. I’d given it to her for her birthday, but knew it would be perfect for her costume. I searched and scoured this house high and low for almost 2 hours and finally conceded and made her a new one. After the first hour it wasn’t about the tutu at all, it was about the fact that it HAD to be here in the house somewhere and I just had to find it more than anything. Her new one looked more fairy-ish in the end, so it all worked out.


Tasha at her class party with some classmates


The whole class all dressed up


What they really look like!


Obi-Wan Kenobe and the two sweet fairies at the trunk or treat


The best fairy picture I could get from this drama queen!




The pink fairy