Our Halloween festivities this year actually started on Thursday. Kevin went trick-or-treating with his preschool class to a few local businesses. Friday was Tasha’s class party that I was planning, which turned out well, despite a major lack of communication by the other person I was working with. Hurray for happy endings! It was also her school’s costume parade. Then Friday night at our church they had a trunk or treat (in case you’re not in the loop, it’s when everyone parks their vehicle in the church parking lot, decorates their trunk and the kids go from trunk to trunk-bonus, you don’t have to walk as far in the cold and you know where the candy is coming from).

Friday was a little bit of a whirlwind with the final party preparations and the fact that I couldn’t find Tasha’s fairy tutu/skirt that I’d made back in June. I’d given it to her for her birthday, but knew it would be perfect for her costume. I searched and scoured this house high and low for almost 2 hours and finally conceded and made her a new one. After the first hour it wasn’t about the tutu at all, it was about the fact that it HAD to be here in the house somewhere and I just had to find it more than anything. Her new one looked more fairy-ish in the end, so it all worked out.


Tasha at her class party with some classmates


The whole class all dressed up


What they really look like!


Obi-Wan Kenobe and the two sweet fairies at the trunk or treat


The best fairy picture I could get from this drama queen!




The pink fairy



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