Silly cat

Our cat, appropriately named Tiger (his original name was stripes) was spotted about 20 feet up in a tree today hunting a large grey squirrel…At times I wasn’t sure who was hunting who, but in the end I decided it was our cat doing the hunting.

Look closely:


Tiger is up about 7 feet above the squirrel

He’s been such a fun cat for us. We’ve only seen one mouse in the 3 months we’ve had him (compared to the one a day before) and he tolerates pretty much anything the kids do to him. He loves attention, doesn’t mind being outside and is very entertaining. He likes to go on walks with us, crouching like a tiger and then running as fast as a tornado past us and climbing up a tree. He likes to sit just a few feet away from our resident deer (plural) and watch them. And he talks to us through the window. He even enjoys the odd ride in the car. Perfect fit!

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