Just one of those times….

I realize that this is just a phase, a momentary challenge, one of the normal frustrations of being a Mom….BEDTIME! Ok, and not just bedtime, but just about anytime today. And yes, I love being a Mom, wouldn’t change my family, or send back a kid (although, there are moments….;) ) and I can recognize all the wonderful blessings I have. But, there are times (like this) when you just need to vent. That you feel like you can’t stand another pouty face and whining episode when one kid gets the last yogurt and the other has to pick something else, or when your youngest child feels like they need to whack or pinch the middle child just to assert their position in the family. Or when the youngest child NEVER SEEMS TO STOP WHINING! No matter how much you try to either ignore or address their whiny-ness. Or when everyone is talking to you at once and you’re in the middle of doing something else and the phone rings and the timer beeps on the oven and you feel like you’re going nuts! And when at bedtime, one kid decides he needs to pee for the 55th time, the other one has already given 22 hugs and kisses, but insists on more and the other one thinks it’s a good time to talk about everything and anything and sigh….

you’re even more thankful for the time change because as much you deeply, truly, tenderly adore, love and cherish each of your children…….

you’re thrilled to bits that you get to put them to bed one hour earlier and can actually have more than 30 min to spend with your spouse before bed.

The end of my vent.

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