Happy Birthday to Daddy!

We celebrated Ammon’s birthday last weekend with a day of baking and fun! Ammon went off paint-balling with some guys in the am, while the kids and I got everything ready. We spent hours making cards, a scavenger hunt and 4 different kinds of tarts for our favorite Daddy/husband in the whole world! =)


One of my cute little helpers


We made pumpkin, peach and butter tarts and key lime cheesecake tarts.

After Ammon arrived home from paintballing and got some lunch, we kidnapped him and took him to Ouray to get a neck, back and shoulder massage, while the kids and I played at the park. He was totally surprised (hurray, for once!!!!) and melted into his seat all the way.

He started with his scavenger hunt, which the kids made entirely by themselves. Tasha wrote the clues and Kevin and Annika helped hide them. The prize at the end was of course, his wrapped present, which they wrapped themselves. I would have liked pictures of all this hunting, etc, but I was busy preparing a light dinner. Oh well!

After dinner, it was tarts with whipped cream and ice cream.


The birthday boy and his admirers


Wonder what he wished for? More tarts? 😉

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