I should note, that Sunday (though I didn’t see the family much) was a great day. Hmmmm….Anyways, I got sung to by the girls I taught, by a whole bunch of other people during an evening event, and by two sets of family members. Plus, they had brownies, ice cream and hot fudge at the event and well…you can’t be that! Once I got home, I had two more messages from happy birthday wishers and I soaked in the tub, while watching an old movie. Hurray!

Gingerbread time!

While I don’t remember making a gingerbread house much during my childhood years, it’s become a tradition in our household and the kids (and us) always look forward to it. Last night, we went to town and had fun being together and decorating our house. Ammon is always the structural designer:




Seriously, am I a lucky girl, or what!?

And here are our fabulously talented decorators:



They were ready to start!


Finished masterpiece!


The crew


So, Saturday was to be my birthday day (Sunday was the actual day, but I knew I’d be at church all day). We started by doing a whole bunch of Christmas baking.


Kevin stirring the truffle mixture

Ammon made a yummy lunch and things were good. Then the rest of the day went downhill. Two whiny, difficult girls (no, not me). Our real estate agent called to tell us the bank had rejected our offer on a technicality that THEIR agent failed to tell us. And well…there was more. The two other fun things were that Ammon made some great fetticine alfredo for dinner and I got to sit and read an entire book that I’d been looking forward to.

Positively Divine

Ammon and I were able to go on a date last Friday (it’s not something that happens often!). Since it was my birthday weekend, I chose to go out to dinner. It’s one of my favorite things to do, probably b/c if we’re at home, I do all the cooking and cleaning up afterwards, so it’s a luxury to go out and have someone do all of that for you!

We went to the Bon Ton in Ouray, Co (about 30 min from where we are). I’d heard good things about it and the menu looked good, but I had no idea just how wonderful it would be! We started with Bear Creek Mushrooms sauteed in butter, roasted garlic and red peppers. Followed by the world’s best clam chowder (I swear! You’d never have known you were in a mountain town eating seafood). Then I had a great salad with spinach, brie, shrimp, pecans and a raspberry walnut vinagrette. Ammon had the filet with mashed taters and green beans almondine. Is your mouth watering yet? To finish, we shared the creme brulee cheesecake. Ta-dah! Seriously, an amazing meal, great service and a wonderful, romantic evening.

dinner (1)


Matchy Matchy

The girls wanted matching hairstyles one day last week. This is one of my fav’s b/c it’s so easy. It’s a headband kind of look and keeps the hair out of their eyes.


What cute sisters!

O Christmas Tree!

We FINALLY got around to putting up our Christmas tree and some decorations (the rest will get done this evening). We had planned to do it right after we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, but with all the crazyness going on last week, it just didn’t happen. So, last night we did put on some Christmas music, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows and enjoyed seeing all of our old favorite ornaments and such.


The kids did the baby tree while Daddy checked all the lights on the big tree


See? Awwwww, isn’t he scary? CUTE, I mean cute!


It was probably the most fun decorating this year than it’s ever been because this little cutie could actually help, for the most part, without breaking things!


The three happy helpers

Weekend Adventures

After a week of ballet rehearsals, a fundraiser dinner, grocery shopping and driving all over the place, we were beat! It was a fun week, but boy was it busy! We had some time for fun and more relaxing activities on Saturday. We went to Home Depot first and checked out some paint colors and flooring and then went to our little town’s “Christmas in the Park”. There were bonfire pits with marshmallows to roast, cookies to decorate, a visit with Santa and some adorable black lab puppies with huge red bows on their necks to pet.


The older two kids were thrilled to sit on Santa’s knee….Annika…not so much


So, we did one with the whole family. Annika still wasn’t thrilled, but at least we got one with her in it


Decorating cookies.


Annika enjoying the park


Swinging-the girls favorite


Big boy in a little swing!


Yes, another one. We just can’t help ourselves! We get the most beautiful ones ever here and when there’s a particularily stunning one, it always makes it on the camera.


I mean really! Could we pass this up?


Or this?

Twinkle Toes

Tasha had her first ever ballet recital this past weekend! She performed in the Nutcracker with 117 other dancers (not all at the same time!) I had no idea it was going to be such a large and elaborate production. It wasn’t professional quality, but was very well done and thoroughly entertaining. I was impressed by some of the older dancers on pointe. Having done it for a few years myself ( a long time ago!) I have great respect for their pain and hard work and managing to make it look graceful when really your toes are KILLING you!

Tasha had the best time dancing up there on stage, though she didn’t smile at all (she was concentrating really hard to remember her steps). Her class were bon-bons and danced at the point in the performance when Clara and the Nutcracker are in the land of the sweets. The Sugar Plum Fairy introduces all the different sweets and boy were these bon-bons sweet and adorable!


The bon-bons got to wait in our favorite candy store in Ouray until they went on stage. How appropriate!


And yes, she is wearing make-up, much to Mommy’s chagrin. All the dancers had to wear some b/c of the stage lights. But, boy was it hard to put make-up on my 6 year old! I saw visions of the future! It was scary!!!!


The family surprised our little prima ballerina with some flowers. She felt pretty special!

Home Sweet Home!

About a month or so ago, a realtor we know sent us a listing for a home in foreclosure that caught our eye. Yes, I know we were planning on building and if for some reason something changes, we still will. However,  went through the house and fell in love! Is it perfect….no. It was never completely finished, so there are a few things that need doing, but it’s still pretty and with a little work it will be amazing!

We placed an offer a week or so before Thanksgiving, which the bank countered. We expected that, so we countered their counter and guess what!? They accepted! We’ve signed the contract, but are waiting on the bank to send it back. It’s a long story, but the bank is owned by the FDIC, so it takes a little longer than normal.

It’s a log-sided, 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom with granite counters in the kitchen, wainscotting in the main area of the house, huge windows of an incredible view, vaulted ceilings, jetted tubs, big bedrooms for the kiddies and more.

Pictures to come later this week…..