I know I’m a little late with my blog posts, but the past few weeks have been a whirlwind. We spent a few days in Eagle with some friends to break up our trip to Littleton. Annika made the first half of the drive more than a little miserable. She doesn’t like being strapped in a carseat, and was hungry, tired, the works! I did my best to entertain her till we got to Smashburger to eat. YUM! I’m sure it’s like a million calories, but their food is HEAVENLY! Our plan was to spend three days in Eagle with our friends, but our trip got cut short by the incoming snowstorm. We decided to get out of dodge to avoid driving through the mess. We ended up spending a week in Littleton and enjoyed every minute of it!

We had a relaxing Sunday.


Our future missionary. Isn’t he cute in his suit?!


I had to bribe them with a treat, but at least I got a picture out of them!


Pretty in pink


We found Ammon’s old sombrero. Ole!

IMG_3785 (1)

Snuggles with Papa

I had mentioned to Tasha that my wedding dress was at the Mannings and she wanted to see it on me.


It still fits! Hurray!


I caught the kids dancing to Christmas music


I love their faces in this one

The first few days each of our munchkins had individual quality time with their Papa. Kevin was first. He helped get some firewood and split it up.


Starting out


Almost done! He was working hard. He told me he was sweating!

Tasha’s special time with Papa involved going to Costco and Walmart. I forget exactly what Annika got to do. But each of them felt pretty special!

The rest of the family arrived on Wed & Thurs and we had a fabulous time visiting and eating good food and celebrating. Ammon volunteered to join me before the crack of dawn on black Friday and I found some amazing deals! I was not sorry that I got up so early.

Saturday we drove back to Eagle and spent more time with friends. Our car was so full that we couldn’t see (or really hear) the kids on the way back! It was comical to be sure. We should’ve taken a picture of that!