Sometimes you win….sometimes you don’t.

So, if you look below in my last post (about the house), I mentioned the drama. Oh yeah. It’s not over. Or….maybe it is. I received a call from our realtor tonight (she feeling terrible) saying that the bank had now terminated our contract because the former owner (who was evicted after a lawsuit and because of foreclosure) decided to appeal the litigation. Blah! Part of me is really sad, because it’s a beautiful house and we were only two weeks away from closing on it. We had dreams and many plans, oh and we just ordered curtains for two rooms…good thing we can send those back! But, another part of me is not really surprised because of the way this whole mess has gone. I refused to let myself get excited over it when the bank finally signed back the contract this last time and now I know why.

Life….crazy, isn’t it?


  1. Kylene

    Darn it! Well, I know it’s no comfort, but things will work out the way they are supposed to. Love you and thinking of you!

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