Messy Moments (potty stuff)

So, Annika has done really well potty-training. She’s learning far quicker than the other two did. She has the pee thing down pat and hardly ever has an accident! Hurray!!!! The poop thing is another story. She holds it for like 4 days and then does a…well….anyways.

Today was an interesting potty adventure though. One that’s noteworthy. Let me set the stage…I’ve been feeling under the weather the past three days, but Tasha and I both had cavities to be filled and we didn’t want to reschedule, as we’ve already had to do so once. So I pick up both kids from school and head out. I’m up first and everything is going great for the first 10 minutes (note: the kids are in the lobby watching a movie….by themselves. =0 Ok, the receptionist kind of was keeping an eye on them). Then all three kids decided they needed to come and see me. With my mouth held open by some huge, plastic, sucking contraption, I use my eyes and my hand to tell them “Get back in the waiting room!”. They got the message. Until about 15 min later, Tasha comes in and tells me Annika pooped in her pants. I sigh and roll my eyes, which is really all I can do at this point (big sucky thing still in my mouth). I was thinking, oh it’s probably a teeny, tiny thing like she’s had before when she tries to hold it. BOY WAS I WRONG! I get out to the bathroom after I’m finished and find Annika on the potty with poop all up and down her legs, smeared all over the toilet, on the outside of her pants and she’s screaming her brains out because (LOL) she accidentally flushed her panties down the toilet!!!!! I could either laugh, or cry and this time, I chose to laugh at the ridiculousness (yes, it’s a word, I just made it up!) of the situation.

Sigh….This will be one of those stories I can tell her dates when they come to dinner if I don’t like them! =)

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  1. Lauren

    Wow! yea, no worries about the poo everywhere, just the disappearing panties! Poor girl. Cobin once freaked out because a little squishy ball went down the toilet and was lost forever. He never again put toys in there.

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